This year we’ve seen great number of games like Red Dead Redemption, The Elder Scrolls IV; Oblivion and Mass Effect trilogy along with many other popular titles been added to the ever-growing list of backwards compatible list.

Here’s the list of 6 new titles added this week:

We’ve finally heard from Xbox head Phil Spencer, as fans were eager to hear an update about Call of Duty Black Ops 2 joining the list, which is the most requested title, with over 210,000 votes in it’s favour. Phil Spencer took a moment to rule out any Black Ops 2 updates in the coming weeks, though did suggest one of his “most anticipated” new games will arrive in the coming weeks.

This week’s new backwards compatible releases should now show up automatically in your Xbox One game library, however if you don;t own any of the games in the list announced as backwards compatible then there’s still hope for you. You can head over to the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility store on the Xbox store, making it easier than ever to search for and download these classic titles directly on your Xbox One.

So if you’re interested in trying out a Xbox 360 classic but don’t already own a copy of the game, you can still give it a go like everyone else.