Backwards Compatibility Is Allowing Xbox One Gamers To Play Xbox 360 Games

After noticing the popularity of their recently released backwards compatibility, Microsoft is adding to the number of games available for Xbox One. Backwards compatibility was originally released for the Xbox One in November, about 2 years after its original release. When it was first announced, fans were upset that the Xbox One was not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. In the wake of the Playstation 4’s impressive sales, Microsoft decided to make a push to improve their sales this Holiday Season.

The list of games available was originally released at 104 titles. The titles, for the most part, are popular games that fans were eager to play. Then, earlier this month, Microsoft added an additional 16 titles to the list. It appears that they are trying to increase the list each month with the hopes of drawing more users. This is certainly going to appeal to Xbox 360 gamers who have not yet moved on to Microsoft’s new console.

One interesting note about the list is that none of the available games are 2-disc games. Games that require 2-discs are thought to be too large for Microsoft to convert for the Xbox One. However, it seems that they are developing a way for these games to be played. According to one report, multiple disc games should be backwards compatible by early next year. Certainly, Microsoft is priming themselves to make a major splash in the gaming world next year.

Owners of the Xbox One, for those considering an upgrade from Xbox 360, can find the current list of available games here. Be sure to check back here for any updates regarding additions or changes to the list in the coming months, and also for any new information regarding backwards compatibility.