Are you ready to rumble? Only four more days until WWE‘s Survivor Series 2015 comes to pay per view nation wide in your living room!

WWE Survivor Series 2015’s live event will take place November 22, 2015 at 7 30 PM Eastern Time. This year the live event takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at Phillips Arena. This is a first for Georgia state as they have not hosted a WWE event. WWE Survivor Series is also celebrating the Undertakers 25th anniversary wrestling for WWE.


There are many rumors being said for the 2015 Survivor Series. The most common rumor is that this year the spotlight will mostly be shed on Roman Reign and The Undertaker. Rumor has it that beef from WWE‘s alpha shows Raw and Smack Down will be brought into Sunday night’s upcoming matches.

This years Survivor Series is expected to last about 4 hours. There is also gossip that, there will be more than just the five confirmed matches.


Here are WWE’s five confirmed matches listed from first to last.

  1. Diva Title Match: Paige VS Charlottewwesscharlottepaige
  2. Semi Final Matches(Two Matches): A. Kevin Owens VS. Dean Ambrose , B. Roman Reign VS. Alberto Del Riowwessdeanowens
  3. Tornament Series Finals: TBD VS TBD ( competitors to be determined Sunday night during semi-finals)
  4. Destruction Brothers VS Wyatt Familywwessbrotherswyatt



Fans have already made predictions on the anticipated 5 main matches happening on Sunday night. Each Match will be listed following the prediction:

  1. Diva Title Match Predictions: In Paige’s last Raw segment, she cruelly threw in Charlotte’s face the death of her younger brother. WWE fans are predicting that the heat of the last match between the two Divas will ultimately push Charlotte over the edge. This catastrophe will leave Charlotte in such a rage, that there will need to be an rematch due to the higher levels of physical activity this match is said to have. Rule number on in wrestling: DO NOT bring family into a match unless you expect disaster!
  2. Brothers of Destruction VS the Wyatt Family: In this match, The Undertaker and Kane will reunite. Together, these two brothers will face their nightmare opponent, The Wyatt Family. Fans are leaning towards the Wyatt brothers working together to earn the title. However, as far the winner goes, fans predict that the Brother’s of Destruction will triumph.
  3. Semi Final Heavy Weight Champion Match Kevin Owen VS Dean Ambrose: WWE fans are especially excited about this match with expectation that this match will be enticing. Fans expect that Owen will send Ambrose to his breaking point. Ambrose, then will take into his psychotic character state. Ambrose is who people are expecting to win this match and ultimately go up against the winner of Reign VS Del Rio match.
  4. Roman Reign VS Alberto Del Rio: Fans of WWE are 50/50 on who will be the winner of this match. Alberto Del Rio continues to get smarter, faster, and stronger, and he desires to improve even more. He even brings in a new manager, Mr. Zen Colter, a retired wrestler. Even though all of these improvements heighten Del Rio’s chances of winning, Roman Reign is being seen as becoming a wrecking ball to Del Rio’s winning streak.
  5. Reign VS TBD: While fans are making the assumption that Reign will be facing the mysterious winner of the first semi- final match, they are foreseeing that Reign will not become the Heavy Weight Champion of WWE’s 2015 Survivor Series.

Will Paige’s cold heart freeze Charlotte into submission? Can the Destruction Brothers defeat the mighty power of the Wyatt Family? Will Del Rio become finalist for the Heavy Weight Champion finale?

Tune in Sunday, November 22nd, WWE fans to see if the predictions become the outcome!