Withings Activite Pop Review: When you want to take fitness tracking seriously — and then not so seriously

Many of the smartwatches we have today not only focus on being smart but in being useful as well. Both the traditional watchmakers as well as the tech companies slash smart watchmakers appear to have concentrated mainly on adding more and more useful features on each of their products — making it increasingly difficult for consumers to find the right fit for them.

But for those who wish to be fitness/tech/fashion-savvy all rolled into one, there’s one particular product that just might suit your liking perfectly. It’s called the Withings Activite Pop.

Perhaps the most obvious feature that sets the Activite Pop apart from all other fitness trackers in its category is its distinct identity — which is comprised of a familiar design and even more familiar features, which, when put together, make a surprisingly unique product.

Some reviews of this fitness tracker even went as far as calling the device an offspring of a Swatch and a Fitbit — which is exactly what the device appears to be like, both on the inside as well as on the outside.

On the outside, an Activite Pop can be easily mistaken for a Swatch. Feature-wise, however, this device seems more comparable to a Fitbit rather than other fitness trackers.


One of the most notable features of the Activite Pop is its outstanding battery life, which is pegged to last an average of 8 months with normal use. Its button-cell battery is easily replaceable, and also very affordable.

This fashion-savvy fitness tracker from Withings is also water-resistant, which means users can keep it on for a quick shower or a long swim without any problems. The Activite Pop automatically tracks steps, and its app automatically breaks down activities into steps and distance. The device also tracks its user’s sleep automatically and accurately as well.

The Acitivite Pop’s automatic feature is often useful as it lessens — if not completely eliminate — the need for its users to periodically switch the device’s mode whenever they decide to switch from one activity to another (i.e. from running to sleeping).

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Withings Activite Pop syncs seamlessly to its users handheld devices through the Withings Health Mate app, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The only problem with this device is that it is not capable of storing more than a day’s worth of data without syncing to a handheld device. This can be a problem if its users do not have the time to periodically sync the Activite Pop with their handhelds.


The Activite Pop was designed with a strap created with a silicone band, and its analog watch face is being protected by a dome-shaped mineral glass casing. The device comes in three different colors — black, blue, and white.

It was not designed to compete with high-end smartwatches like the Apple Watch — but rather for users seeking to have it all without having to spend a lot of money. The Activite Pop is fashion-savvy, fitness-savvy, tech-savvy, and pocket-friendly all rolled into one.


Like any other fitness tracker, the Withings Activite Pop does have its limitations. Some users have complained about how it’s hard to use the device while on vacation, as the Activite Pop requires regular syncing in order for it to be able to store data efficiently. Another problem users apparently encountered with the Activite Pop is that there are times that data from certain days mysteriously go missing.

Another problem is that because the device does not have a conventional watch crown, users will have to go into the app itself just to adjust the watch.

Like many other fitness trackers, the Activite Pop also lack a heart rate monitor, which is often an important tool in fitness tracking.

The fact that Withings chose an analog watch face for the Activite Pop is also adding to the users’ inconvenience because it limits the device’s display. Users are able to see their daily progress, but no other information on their stats can be seen anywhere on the watch.

Despite its flaws, however — taking into account its design and features — the Withings Activite Pop is definitely a good buy at $149.99.

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