Tinder iOS Update: You Can Now Send GIFs, Like Messages and More

The Tinder iOS app has received a new update that gives it many new features such as the ability to send GIF’s, upload your own profile picture and more.

The number 1 dating app on iOS has received an update to spice up your dating life with some funny and appropriate GIFs. Tinder has collaborated with Giphy to provide you with a vast collection of GIFs for each and every occasion.

Wondering how to start a conversation with your new match on Tinder? Why don’t you let a GIF do the talking, after all, a GIF a thousand more words than a picture or a text. Simply use the GIF button located next to the text input box and choose from a wide variety of GIFs.

The Tinder version 4.8.0 for iOS also brings several other features. You can now upload a profile picture right from your camera roll or even take a new one. No more being stuck with that weird Facebook profile picture. If you’ve ever wanted to add a new profile picture every month or week or day, you can now do that.

Tinder iOS App

The update also gets the ability to like messages. There’s a heart next to a message, which you can tap on to show them you like their message. The emojis on the app are now bigger, when they’re sent without any text. So yeah, use your emoji skills to impress your match.

Finally, the new update brings more 3D touch features for those using an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. You can use peek and pop in chat and share interesting links with your matches. The links will now open in web pages within the app.

The latest Tinder iOS update is now available in the App Store. No word on when the Android version of the app will receive these new features, but we hope it’s soon. Android users need to date too.

Tinder released new updates in which they hope to improve user experience by upgrading designs, features, and more!

Tinder Dating App Update – Jan 23

Tinder is one of the top notch dating apps out there today! With easy swiping options and messaging options, it makes it an appealing choice for those who want to interact in the dating world while on the go! When Tinder first came out, it was very bare and quite plain Jane to use. However, there are new updates that make this app more approachable by users, giving them choices. Here are the new updates that have helped keep this app on lists of hot dating apps.

Tinder released new updates in which they hope to improve user experience by upgrading designs, features, and more!

What is Tinder?

Tinder is one of the hottest dating apps out there today. Times are changing, with that, people are turning to dating apps instead of going to a bar, or restaurant, to meet someone. The reason behind this is that with the evolving change in longer work hours, or the rise in people are becoming parents, apps like Tinder are making dating a lot more convenient and easier on everyone’s watch.

Tinder is an social app that allows users to view profiles of potential matches and swipe left or right. Swiping left means you reject the user’s profile, while swiping right means that you want to engage with that user. Tinder is a very simple app to use, but the people working at Tinder hope to greatly improve the app’s quality making it simple yet diverse, at the same time.

Tinder App News and Updates

Tinder Smart Profiles
Tinder Smart Profiles

The new feature on Tinder which is going to be called “Super Like“. The feature allows users to swipe up or tap the vibrant blue footer and star icon on the potential match’s screen this will notify the match that the viewer sees them as eye candy and a priority compared to other matches on Tinder. Creators hope to increase the messages to be 70% longer! The app creators also hope that the matches will be 3 times more successful with the new feature.

The new updates and features that have been released for Tinder will ultimately improve Tinder’s mission of “bringing people together”.

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