Clash of Clans will now let you engage in non-hostile challenges.

In the past, whenever Clash of Clans servers were down, the game’s loyal users had no choice but to engage in real-life activities in the real world.

More often than not, these led to disappointments, tantrums, and a whole lot of bad days.

Though Supercell has always tried to make it a point to do their best to keep the game’s ‘server down’ incidents to a minimum, the reality is that these incidents are inevitable and they may happen anytime.

But with all the countless down times that Clash of Clans has already gone through, most would agree that it’s a good thing that the highly popular game’s developers have actually taken into consideration things that the game’s players can do in these events.

So what did they come up with?

Supercell has recently announced an update for the highly popular game that will let its users do something that’s Clash of Clans-productive, one that involves no real life situations — just pure gaming pleasure.

If you’re a Clash of Clans gamer eager to try out this latest from Supercell, here’s what Friendly Challenges has in store for you:


What Friendly Challenges does for you is basically provide a way for you to practice your battle skills against other your friendly neighbors, a.k.a. your own clan.


One of the best features of Friendly Challenges is that it comes with no strings attached — it’s absolutely free. Using this feature will not take up any of your gold, not even your Heroes, Spells, Troops, or Traps. With this feature, you are free to attack all you want and you don’t have to worry about the consequences.

Trophies and Bonuses

But because playing Clash of Clans Friendly Challenges does not take up any of your precious valuables, it goes without saying that you are also not to gain any valuable in the process. Friendly challenges is simply pure practice — no rewards, no trophies, no bonuses.

Ready for some action? Update your CoC game now. 🙂