Have any of you played the original “Watch Dogs”? It came out about two years ago to a rather middling reception. It can be expected as it was a new IP at the time, so it was bound to make some mistakes before it can find it’s footing. It seems that with “Watch Dogs 2”, they have managed to do just that. With a new protagonist and a new city to explore, this feels like a completely different direction (and one I’m glad they’ve taken).

The first one wasn’t a game that delivered on all its promises. It had big ideas, it was ridiculously ambitious, and it just did not live up to people’s expectations. And it looks like fans were heard and with this game, we get the sense that this one is actually fun to play, whereas the first one was not. Poor Aiden Pierce, having gotten shafted after just one entry into the series before he could even fully develop his character. Hopefully, they’ll at least explain what happened to him. As for the game, they’ve also announced the new Season Pass and its details. Here they are

Season Pass Details

Season passes are common amongst most games. With them, you are guaranteed to receive all downloadable content for your game. They’re simple to use, but it does come at a hefty price (which is around 50% of the price of the game). They are worth it, though. Some of the downloadable content on offer are story packs, filled with missions and activities that add more hours to the game and enhance the overall experience of playing the game. The only way to get the Watch Dogs 2 Season pass right now is if you buy “Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition”. It costs a whopping $99.99!

Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition is also available on Amazon!

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