Nomad, the well known accessory maker for Apple products, has launched a new lifestyle accessory. The new accessory, called Wallet, has a 2400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s built into a leather bifold wallet. It comes with an integrated Lightning cable that can be used to charge you iPhone whilst on the move.

The Wallet has a minimalist design with thickness and size similar to a regular bill-fold; 4.7 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. They have placed the battery pack on the spine of the wallet to avoid using extra space. It is made using black saffiano leather and the battery compartment is protected by a high strength aluminum casing with poly-carbonate end caps.

A micro-USB port is used to charge the battery and four light indicators are placed next to it that show how much charge is left. According to Nomad, the battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge and can provide one whole charge for the iPhone 6s. If you’re wondering, the iPhone 6s packs a 1715 mAh battery, whereas the iPhone 6s Plus has a 2750 mAh battery. You could still charge an iPhone 6s Plus up to 80 percent, which is nice.

Since this is also a wallet, it can hold up to 10 cards and store around 10 bills. It is designed to fit even a 500 Euro bill, the largest sized bill in the world.


This is a ‘Made for iPhone’ accessory, which means that the Lightning Cable used in the Wallet is Apple certified and will not blow your iPhone. When not in use, the 3.5 inch lightning cable can be tucked away in a pocket. It is compatible with any iOS device that has a Lightning port, but is best suited for your iPhone or iPad Touch. You wouldn’t want to carry around your iPad connected to a wallet, would you?

Although there are plenty of battery packs for the iPhone available in the market, there’s none that you can be a part of your life like the Wallet. Similarly, there are iPhone cases that also double as Wallets, but they also add bulk to your iPhone and aren’t easy on the eye. The Wallet is the perfect blend between technology and fashion, plus it looks great.

You can pre-order the Nomad Wallet for $75 now and avail free shipping if you’re in the United States. Nomad plans to start shipping the Wallet on November 15 and will raise the price to $99. Free international shipping for orders over $150.