Have you always wanted to take a virtual tour of the White House? Well, now you can. Thanks to the US Government and Google, a VR White House tour is now available on YouTube.

Virtual reality is the trend right now and a lot of new content is posted every day. Just in time for Christmas, Google and the US Government have posted a holiday themed VR tour of the White House. You can tour the White House while sitting at home, how cool is that?

VR White House Tour

The VR White House Tour video was created using the JUMP VR camera rig from Google, which consists of 16 GoPro cameras. In the video, you get to walk around the decorated residence of the US President and see what’s happening.

You can view the video in Virtual Reality on your Google Cardboard headset or any other VR headset that supports YouTube 360 videos. Don’t have a headset? Not to worry, as the video is interactive and can be viewed without a headset as well. However, virtual reality is much more fun and immersive.

As this is a YouTube video, the quality isn’t top notch, but it is still worth a watch. For those who have always wanted to visit the White House, but couldn’t, here’s your chance.

The Google Cardboard is cheaply available, so get that and enjoy this Christmasy VR White House tour.

[youtube id=”98U2jdk8OGI” align=”center” maxwidth=”849″]