The VFC Heckler and Koch 416 CQB airsoft rifle is one of the highest quality, yet most expensive airsoft guns in the sport right now and for good reason. VFC have created a full metal replica of the H&K 416 used by military forces, which includes authentic licensed H&K markings on the rifle. The VFC HK416 has cemented itself at the very top with a steep price point, but the high quality build and specs to justify it. This weapon is a work of art and it shows, to be wanted by everyone and used by few.

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VFC HK416 Airsoft Rifle Specifications

The full metal receiver of the VFC HK416 gives you the life-like rifle feel many crave. Paired with a great rate of fire at 1200 rounds per minute that travel 350 FPS, all built into a very small and compact gun makes this HK416 one of the best CQB AEG rifles.

With the adjustable hop-up and the ability to add additional sights on the front and rear, as well as being able to change your firing mode allows this HK416 to be able to compete on outdoor fields as well. This versatility is one of the reasons I consider this gun to be the best air rifle available right now.

VFC HK416 Softair Rifle

Shooter’s Bullseye Rating – 5/5

Pros & Cons


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What Your VFC HK416 Purchase Includes

VFC HK416 Softair CQB Box

Upon purchasing your VFC HK416 Softair CQB Rifle you will receive the following:

VFC HK416 Softair CQB Package Contents

Compared to other airsoft rifle purchases you don’t receive too much. I think this is because Umarex and VFC know that your average beginner won’t purchase this gun, they believe seasoned players who are buying this rifle already have everything else that this gun requires to start using.

If you are a newer player and don’t have what isn’t included with this gun here is all you need to get you up to speed – a 9.6V battery and a Smart Charger for that battery.

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One of the features that makes the VFC HK416 airsoft replica so well renowned is its amazing build quality. The VFC HK416 is an entirely full metal receiver which means it is extremely sturdy and durable. However because the receiver is full metal, the weight accurately represents that, with the HK416 weighing in at 6.6 pounds.

Some of you may find this as a great touch as you may appreciate the life-like weight of the rifle, but others may prefer a lighter carry and may be turned away from this. Just figured I should let you know regardless.

Moving on! The stock and pistol grip are made from a firm polymer, with the butt plate on the stock being made from a comfortable rubber.

Caution! The quad rail system on the rifle is full metal just like the receiver. Since it has much sharper edges I wanted to leave a small caution, it is sharp enough to cut so heads up.

Personal Recommendations:

Be sure to pick up a battery and charger. You’d think with an airsoft rifle this expensive they’d throw in a battery and charger? Guess not, maybe since they figure you can afford this you can afford the charger and battery.

Anyway, since the gun are is going to require you to grab a battery I’d suggest picking up the Tenergy 9.6V Butterfly battery pack. It’s what I recommend for most air rifles, you can find them here on

For chargers I’d suggest the Tenergy’s Smart Charger partner. Again, typically what I recommend for most air rifles. The Smart Charger is excellent because it stops charging the second the battery is 100%, and also lets you know if there’s ever a malfunction with your batteries. You can find the SmartCharger here.

The rails are sharp, consider buying gloves. Like I said earlier, since the VFC HK416 is a full metal build, that includes its quad rail system. If you feel you might cut your hands or fingers on those railings and want to play it safe, then picking up a pair of gloves will help stop any nicks and cuts.

Here’s a good pair I’ve found that have different colours to choose from as well as whether you want your gloves fingerless or fullfinger.

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Grab some spare magazines. The VFC HK416 only comes with a single high capacity, 320 round magazine. While the magazine has a good round capacity, that won’t last. Plus high capacity magazines are known for being not that good towards the end of the clip because of the lack of spring pressure left to feed your remaining BBs.

Having only one sub-par magazine definitely isn’t something you’d want.

I did some looking around and found a magazine perfect for this rifle, I also checked and they are compatible with the VFC HK416. Here’s a 10 pack of mid capacity, 140 round magazines. . They come in either black or dark brown, although you’d probably want black to match the gun.

Keep the gun well maintained. This usually goes without saying but I just want to remind you guys again since this is a top notch gun. Be sure to keep this gun lubed and in top condition. It will increase the overall performance of the HK416 as well as extends the guns usable life, and with the price you pay for this gun, investing some time and care into it is a good move.

Heads up!

This is just something small I found but figured I should let you know regardless. Be careful when you pull your VFC HK416 buttstock all the way out as it can remove the battery connector, unplugging your batteries. Again, a minor detail but just in case it ever happens to you.

Final Verdict:

The VFC H&K 416 is one of, if not the absolute best air rifle on the market at the moment. An absolute monster of a rifle with an excellent life-like build that excels at CQB while still being well above-average for outdoor use.

Although it is a fairly expensive rifle, if you have the money and are into airsoft for the long haul, the Heckler and Koch 416 CQB is one of the best AEGs out there. I’d recommend this to any serious players who are looking to splurge on something that will last.

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