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Shopping around for an airsoft sniper rifle feels the same way as when you go car shopping. You have an idea of what you want, but there’s so many little differences between your choices that you feel you’re missing out on something if you commit to another. Luckily we’re here to help you with your decision. We’re breaking down and looking at the UTG L96 Softair Sniper rifle, also commonly known as the UTG MK96. The UTG L96 is an incredibly accurate and durable rifle. Hitting players with great accuracy from 150 feet out at 450 FPS gives you total control over the playing field – all you need to do is decide who your next target is. Let’s start by going into a quick pros and cons.


Pros & Cons:



The pros & cons here speak for themselves. Purchasing the UTG L96 Softair rifle will not be a bad move if you’re looking to move into the realm of snipers. Definitely pick up a scope as you’ll have a hard time going without one. Other than that you’ll be hard pressed to find a more convincing sniper purchase than this. Let’s look at some of the specifications and features that really make this rifle worth the purchase.

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UTG L96 Softair Sniper Rifle

UTG L96 Specifications

From the specifications alone we’ve got a pretty good gun already. Bolt action with great magazine capacity and solid muzzle velocity with a 515 mm barrel for superb accuracy on the field. What I really like about the UTG L96 is that it’s almost completely metal. The entire gun besides the stock and trigger grip are made from metal meaning this gun is extremely durable, which I think everyone is a fan of. Having a full metal body on the UTG L96 means it’ll be able to withstand some of your more intense moments out on the field, whether it be diving into cover or taking shots to the rifle, it’ll survive when you need it most. The only downside to it being made from metal is that you can’t avoid the weight that comes with the material. This sniper weighs in at 7.36 pounds which can be a hassle if you need to move to a new spot fast, however I think the added durability is worth the increase in weight.

UTG L96 Features

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What Does Your Purchase Include?

I’ve seen there is some confusion when it comes to what you get when you buy your UTG L96 and so I’ll try and clear it up for you guys (Even the box is misleading). Anyway, when you purchase your UTG L96 on Amazon you will receive the following:

UTG L96 Package Box


UTG L96 Softair Sniper Rifle Package ContentsIt’s important to note here that you do not get a scope when you buy this. A fair amount of people have been misled because the pictures of the L96 softair rifle show a scope mounted on, not sure who thought that was a good move but I just want to make sure you guys know. Aside from that, what comes with your UTG L96 is pretty great. You receive all the tools you need to get the gun field ready in just a few minutes of assembly.

How Do I Assemble my UTG L96?

I found a concise little video snippet that shows exactly how to put together the UTG L96 metal receiver and one piece barrel.

Personal Recommendations

GET A SCOPE – First and foremost, get the one thing that this rifle is missing. I wish a scope was included but since it isn’t you definitely need to buy one so that you have it for when your UTG L96 comes, otherwise it’s just collecting dust. I’d recommend the Swiss Arms Soft Air 4×32 Scope. Fits the rifle well and is quite durable, a great scope for the accushot. If you already have a scope or find a different one you should be good with that too.

Get a better sling – The sling that comes with the UTG L96 is piss poor. Breaks after about 30 minutes of use so there’s really no point even bothering with it. You don’t need to go out and get some crazy $100 sling but just get something that you think will do the trick and last you awhile.

.25g BBs or Higher – I would strongly recommend using at least .25g bbs or higher. Personal preference has me saying use .28g but if you can only get .25g you should still be fine. Try and not use anything below .22g as you could be causing internal damage to the gun. If a BB shatters inside the barrel that’s no fun for you or your gun. Don’t worry about losing some of your FPS using a heavier BB, even with .28g BBs the UTG L96 still gets a consistent 410 FPS.

Grab some WD40 for the Bolt – There’s no better feeling then slowly and smoothly pulling back your bolt after a confirmed hit. So make you grab some WD40 to keep the bolt well lubricated to avoid any issues with loading in your next shot. You can always find WD40 at most local hardware stores or you can get some through this link on

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Word of Caution

I always keep my eye out for anything that might affect my buyers and their purchases and with the UTG L96 Softair rifle it was no different. I did stumble upon one flaw with this rifle that does seem to happen to a small but significant enough group of people. Enough so that the manufacturers have addressed the issues themselves. There is a small golden pin near the bolt that can fall out rather easily that will prevent you from being able to push the bolt down and effectively load your next shot. This may seem unclear so I’ve found a video from Airsoft GI that shows what exactly the issue is. Just a little something to keep your eye on.

Final Verdict

The UTG L96 Softair Sniper Rifle is a purchase you can’t go wrong with whether you’re looking to move into the the world of snipers or you’re an experienced sniper looking for a base sniper to upgrade with parts. With a full metal receiver and a 515mm barrel you’ll find yourself holding a deadly accurate monster of a rifle. The authentic weight of the rifle and feel of the bolt pull will have you in love with the L96 in no time. If you’re on the market for a sniper rifle then you’ve found your answer. Just make sure you pick up a scope!

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Enjoyed the review? Think I missed anything? Let me know in the comments, if you provide enough insight I might add you into the article!