How would you like to upgrade your iPhone storage from a mere 16GB to 128Gb for just $60? Yes, you read that right. While Apple would charge you $200 for a 128GB iPhone model, you could just buy a 16GB iPhone and pay $60 to get 128GB of internal storage.

When you’re buying a new iPhone 6 or 6s, the base model starts at 16GB, if you want more storage, the 64GB option will cost you a $100 more. If you want the highest internal storage option, which is 128GB, then you’d be paying $200 more. Does it really cost that much for 128GB of storage? Not really.

As the iPhone 6s can record 4k videos, you might want to upgrade to 128GB. That 16GB of storage isn’t going to do you any good if you take a lot of pictures, videos, have a big playlist and download apps.

Apparently, iPhone repair shops in China will upgrade iPhone storage from 16GB to 128GB, if you pay them $60. They’ll perform the operation right in front of you, transfer all data from your old storage to the new one, and the upgrade will be done in less than 30 minutes. Once it’s done, they’ll power your iPhone on to show you that your device actually has 128GB. The service works on most iPhone models before the iPhone 6.

YouTuber BeSound posted a video showing the entire upgrade process and the result. It’s exciting to watch and to know that you can upgrade iPhone storage from 16GB to 64Gb for just $60.

[youtube id=”2bGb5AOwp44″ align=”center” maxwidth=”849″]

Of course, your warranty will be void, and you can’t be sure how long the storage will survive. You can’t go to Apple if your iPhone starts giving you problems.

But, it is highly unlikely for the storage to go bad because Apple gets its parts from China anyway. Perhaps these guys have found the same storage from the manufacturer and are only charging the actual price, plus service charges.

So, if you’re in China and fancy an upgraded iPhone storage, and then you should probably head over to this repair shop and upgrade. The repair shop is located in Huaqiang Bei and gets over 50 customers a day.