5 more reasons to like iOS 10

Apple is still months away from rolling out the latest update to its iOS platform, but already users can’t wait to get their hands on the iOS 10.

It’s been years since the tech giant has rolled out a major update, though the company considers both the iOS 8 and the iOS 9 significant updates as well.

The first major update to take over Apple devices was in the form of iOS 7, where the platform in general underwent an overhaul — leaving users of old Apple devices with the feeling that as if their devices were new.

Since then, only minor and rather insignificant changes were brought to the platform.

But are there really any big and significant changes coming with the company’s release of the iOS 10? Guess we’d all have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here are five major features of the iOS 10 that will make everyone want it even more.

Universal clipboard

If you own more than one Apple device (and you probably do), chances are, you’ve experienced copying items from one device and wanting to paste them on another. You are not weird. Others have obviously shared the same experience, and Apple knows that the struggle is real — and this is exactly why they came up with a ‘universal clipboard’ feature.

This handy feature will finally enable you to copy items from one Apple device — and then paste it on to another.

Camera swipe

While past iOS updates gave users quick access to the device’s camera by letting them swipe up on the camera logo from the device’s lock screen — Apple’s iOS 10 update will make it even easier for users to get to the camera app.

In this update, a quick swipe to the left will automatically launch the device’s camera app.

iOS 10 Rich notifications

Past updates of the iOS allowed users to reply to text messages and iMessages without having to actually open the messaging app itself, but the feature was limited to text messages and iMessages only.

Messages received from Facebook and other apps can be read on the Notifications screen — but the only way to reply to them was to launch the app itself that bore the relevant messages.

This is no longer the case with Apple’s forthcoming iOS update.

In the latest update, users will now be able to interact with their notifications through the device’s 3D touch feature — and replying to every message can now be done from the Notifications screen itself.

Siri to third party

While in the past updates, Siri was only able to accomplish as far as launching the app that you want it to interact with — the latest update will now allow you to ask Siri to do things far better than that. You will now be able to ask Siri to send messages via a third party app to a specific person (eg. send a Facebook message to Kate, etc.), among other things.

iMessage major enhancement

In the much-awaited iOS 10 update, iMessage will come with some major enhancements. Among these enhancements is a feature that allows users to integrate internal apps to the platform, in a way that’s extremely similar to how internal applications work on Facebook’s messaging platform. This new feature pretty much eliminates the need for users to go outside the app just to find something cool to respond with.

These major overhauls to Apple’s iOS platform are aimed to create seamless experience for the users by minimizing the need to launch apps, thereby saving both time and battery in the process.

The iOS 10 is expected to be released sometime this fall, though Apple is still yet to announce an official date for its release.