Under Armour Fitness Band: Simplicity over complications

While previous reviews of the Under Armour Band did not really put the underrated fitness tracker in a good light, giving Under Armour and HTC’s collaboration a second look just might change consumers’ minds.

While most companies are hoping to develop the perfect fitness trackers often give extra attention to their devices’ outward appearances, Under Armour has decided to keep the look of its fitness band low key.


Features-wise, the Under Armour Band has everything a health buff would want to get, plus a few more extras.

Under Armour calls its first-ever fitness band a ‘sleep and health tracker‘, which basically means that the company’s first-ever attempt to flirt with the fitness tracking industry focuses on (albeit not only to) its users’ sleeping habits and health status.

Among the features included in the fitness tracker are:

Sleep Monitor

The Under Armour band uses the device’s heart rate technology to monitor users’ sleep quality and duration.

Steps Counter

This feature monitors the number of steps taken by the device’s user every day, taking into account the progress that the user has done and how far or how close he is to his goal.

Workout Log

Under Armour’s Workout Log makes it even easier for users to track down their fitness activities daily, monitoring calories burned and exhibiting an active heart display with the help of a separate accessory called the UA heart rate.

Easy Syncing

One of the best features of the UA band is its ability to seamlessly sync with the UA Record — an app that monitors the most important aspects of the user’s health. UA Record acts like a hub to all other apps that monitor the user’s health, making it a whole lot easier to see the user’s overall health status in a macro perspective.

Activity Alert

Under Armour’s very own fitness tracker also has a built-in feature that alerts users when they’ve become idle for far too long.

Phone Notifications

UA band users also get to receive notifications about calls, text messages and calendar alerts from their phones, as well as challenges and updates from the UA recorder app.

Music Control

Users can control music selection and adjust the volume of their phone’s music player straight from the band itself.

Alarm Clock

Instead of using cell phones or regular bedside clocks as alarm clocks, users can set alarms on the UA band and the device will gently wake them up or notify them of any important events.

Although a lot of users tend to prefer fashion over simplicity, the Under Armour Band is still a great choice for those who prefer less complications and more straightforwardness.

Do you own a UA Band? Do you have anything to say about the device? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂