You can now play the Watch Dogs 2 free demo version for free in your PlayStation 4 and soon on Xbox One. Ubisoft recently announced that the free demo version of the Watch Dogs 2 game lets us play the full version for three hours. The demo is already available for PlayStation 4. Ubisoft will release the Watch Dogs 2 free demo for Xbox One on January, 24, 2017. Be ready! That’s just a couple of days away.

Watch Dogs 2 free demo Now On PS4

The Watch Dogs 2 free demo allows us to access all the features of the game. It also allows us to play the game in the co-op as well as the multi-player mode. Also, to access the online features of the demo we will require a PlayStation Plus or an Xbox Live Gold membership. Ubisoft has not revealed anything yet about whether we will be getting the Watch Dogs 2 free demo on PCs as well. Perhaps we will get a date when the demo comes for Xbox One.

Get Watch Dogs 2 Now for $40

For now, we can download the Watch Dogs 2 free demo for PS4 from the official PlayStation store site. It is also notable that if we want to buy the full game now, we can get it for $40.

Watch Dogs 2 demo Comes to XBO on Jan. 24

We will be able to play the game’s demo on Xbox One from January 24. Ubisoft has also given a FAQ for us to understands we progress with the trial we can go on to the full game.

If You Are A Member You Can Explore More

So we can play a variety of individual, co-op as well as multi-player missions. We can play the online modes such as the Hacking Invasion, and the Bounty Hunter as well as the co-op mode if we have a membership. We can now hack our unique sandbox in the Watch Dogs 2 free demo with heart’s content.

Ubisoft’s Commendable Move To Attract Sales

As we all know, Ubisoft launched Watch Dogs 2 in November last year. However, the popular game did not come out as successful as the first iteration. Announcing a demo for free for three hours in an unusual move that Ubisoft has given for the gamers.

Though some of us who already spent on the game wish we got this free demo a little earlier, a demo from a gaming giant like Ubisoft is rare. It is indeed a great move from such a big player in the market to attract more sales.