Everyone loves music. There’s just something about it that speaks to our souls. Everyone at some point tries to sing or be musical in some shape or form. It’s part of our nature. It’s part of our culture. It’s part of part and connecting to our emotions, our very experiences and inner turmoil. Nothing shapes us quite like our experiences and music is always there to guide us home, to help us learn and reconcile with our true emotions, no matter how far we go to bury them at times. Every style of music speaks to a different aspect of life, not everything is about heartaches or loss, some of it can be about happiness and raw, unbridled passion. It’s a plethora of things. And that’s what a great music manager would need to understand. For them, they’d need to know everything about their client’s audience’s expectations. They’d need to make sure their clients have the best exposure possible at the right locations. One of the most successful and reputable music managers in the industry is Troy Carter, who has managed a wide range of singers, including Lady Gaga. He has come from a rather harsh background, but has managed to build himself up and is now an extremely successful individual. He is 43 Years Old and has since gone on to do much more than just being a music manager Here are 5 Interesting Facts About Him You May Not Know:

Troy Carter’s Childhood

He had a pretty rough childhood. When he was just two years of age, his parents split up. A few years later, his dad remarried. One day, after an argument, his dad shot and killed his new brother-in-law. His dad was then imprisoned for 12 years. However, his father changed a lot once he was released and has made amends for his actions, which Carter is proud of him for.

He Supported Obama

He was a huge supporter of Obama. He and his wife managed to raise an unknown amount of money to Obama’s presidential campaign in 2012 (it’s said to be millions of dollars)

The Artists He Has Managed To Sign

He has managed to sign a huge amount of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Eve, Priyanka Chopra, Meghan Trainor, John Legend and Lindsey Stirling, although Lady Gaga has since fired him.

He Helped Eve Get Her Own Series

Female rapper Eve once had her own sitcom that aired on UPN, which Carter helped her get. It ran for a total of three seasons from 2003 to 2006.

Troy Carter Net Worth

Troy Carter’s net worth is said to be estimated at around $30 Million.