While the trailer hits the screens for the new Blade Runner sequel due for an October 2017 release, Netflix has already been screening 4 versions of the 1982 Sci-Fi Classic. The film, named The Blade Runner 2049, follows on from the previous film which was based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by Philip K Dick. It is directed by Danis Villeneuve and was written by Michael Green and Hampton Fancher.

The Cast of The Blade Runner 2049

The cast is a star-studded one, featuring Harrison Ford once again, as well as Robin Wright, Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, and Lennie James to name but a few.

Catch up on Netflix

Netflix is currently screening four versions of the original film, the Theatrical Cut of which is available for streaming. The Final Cut, the Workprint, and the Director’s Cut are also featuring.

The Blade Runner 2049 Release Date

Warner are planning an October 6, 2017 release.

VIA: ComicBook