It’s that time of year again, Christmas! The season of giving is upon us, and Santa Claus is busy filling up his big red sack with the most amazing gifts you could ever imagine. As you might expect, tech gifts are leading the way. The usual suspects in X boxes, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii are popular this year, but there is one gift idea that is blazing a trail across the night sky with Santa Claus and his reindeer. It’s known as Therm-App and it has everyone excited. Technology is reshaping the way we interact with the world around us, and what better way to gain a visual on our environment than a high-resolution night vision camera. Therm-App™ is truly one of those groundbreaking products that is making waves on Amazon and across the Twitterverse. If you’ve ever wondered what living beings look like with thermal imaging, you’re about to find out. This new high-end device is totally affordable and fully compatible with Android smartphones.

What Exactly Is Therm-App?

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It’s a fresh, bold perspective on the world around us. It is your eyes when you cannot see, and your guide when blackness envelops you. If you’re out with your friends on a nature trail and a freak thunderstorm erupts, how will you find your way safely back to the cabin? Thanks to the Therm-App, you can see imminent danger, waterfalls, potential fire hazards, lurking predators and people who may have been lost in your party. This device is so small, that it fits snugly in the palm of your hand. What’s great about these thermal imaging cameras is that they allow you to transmit video from one person to another. But there are also other practical applications of this technology. You can detect leaking water pipes, faulty electrical circuits that may be sparking, and gas leaks in your home. The beauty of this thermal camera for android is that it has multiple practical applications.

It’s Not a Toy – It’s a Practical Item and a Great Christmas Gift Idea

Over the Christmas season, many folks will be taking a much-needed vacation to their favourite hotspot. For some this could be a safari in South Africa where lions, hyenas, buffalo, elephants and rhino run wild. The nice thing about an Android thermal camera is that you can take it with you on your excursions. If an African rock python is hiding in the shadows, you will see it, and if there are buffaloes close to your hut at night, you will see them too. The thermography is excellent at alerting you to imminent danger. It’s a great way to identify heat or cold sources and the attendant threats they pose. With these thermal cameras, you can watch the night come alive in spectacular fashion. When the sun sets, you can count on your Therm-App to colour your screen with incredible images.

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