Ever since ‘The Walking Dead’ returned from it’s mid-season break fans have been anticipating the introduction of the villain known as ‘Negan’. The last few episodes have teased viewers by mentioning him by name, but now in a promo for the season finale we finally got the chilling debut we’ve been waiting for.

Viewers who are familiar with the original comic book version of the series will already be aware of Negan and how much carnage he could potentially create. Without giving away anything specific, the introduction of Negan could mean big trouble for some of the key characters in the series, but that’s only if the producers decide to follow a similar story to the comics – or if they decide to take it in their own direction.

Negan will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and apparently he’s “really f***ing excited” to step into the shoes of the notorious spiked-bat wielding villain. The spiked baseball bat or ‘Lucille’ is his weapon of choice and it features at the end of the season finale promo. It’s safe to say that he won’t be your average Walking Dead villain and could definitely bring the spark of excitement many think it’s needed for a while.

The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is “really f***ing excited” to play Negan

In the latest episodes Rick and the group are fighting against Negan’s own group known as ‘The Saviours”, and the entire time viewers have been waiting for a glimpse of the man himself. Finally in the closing scene of the promo we get a quick tease as he simply says “Hi, I’m Negan”, and the last thing we see is the infamous spiked bat. With such a deadly addition to the series rumours have already began to circulate about the introduction of this new villain being the bloody death of a main character, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The one thing we know for sure is that this has set season 7 up to be potentially one of the most exciting so far.

The Walking Dead season 6 finale will be shown on April 3rd.