People cheating on video games is nothing new and mostly overlooked, but anyone caught cheating whilst playing Tom Clancy’s The Division will now face a suspension, or have their account permanently banned.

When you play The Division it’s pretty much a ‘don’t trust anybody’ situation anyway, especially when you’re trying to extract some loot from the dark zone, but things get a whole lot worse when other players are cheating to win. Xbox One and Playstation players are yet to suffer any major issues with cheaters, but the PC version of the game has had so many cheaters that Massive Entertainment have decided to step in and take action.

The update on April 12th will give PC players the ability to report other players they suspect are cheating, and once this report has been reviewed, there will be the appropriate action taken on the cheating player.

the division

The term “cheating” has always gone hand-in-hand with video games, but in this case it refers to a player hacking the game to make weapons more powerful or most frustrating of all, make themselves invincible. Doing so in an online game is massively frowned upon as it ruins an experience that in some cases people pay to play.

So what is the punishment for getting caught cheating while playing The Division? Initially you will get a 3 day suspension, but everyone deserves a second chance right? Then after the suspension you can go back to playing. If you push your luck and get caught cheating again then the punishment will be more severe, and you’ll find that your account has been permanently banned. Well, they did warn you.

This system will begin with the April 12th update, but it’s likely that Massive Entertainment have plans to implement a way of preventing the cheating altogether, rather than rely on suspensions and bans as a deterrent.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.