It set a new record for day 1 sales of a Ubisoft game, had the highest numbers in it’s first week than any other new franchise, it’s become the biggest first-quarter launch in UK history and to top it off it’s Xbox One’s most popular game. Not bad right?

Before it’s release people were saying it would be the new Destiny, but I think although the two games do share a lot of similarities – it’s safe to say that The Division has surpassed all expectations and is leaving most other games in it’s shadow. This isn’t to say the game is flawless, but it’s difficult to ignore such substantial sales and popularity – $330 million worldwide and 100 million hours playtime is definitely something to take notice of.

To become Xbox One’s most popular game isn’t a bad accolade for the developers over at Ubisoft, especially when you consider that the game they overtook was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Not only is it amazing that a new franchise has become more popular than what is arguably the most popular franchise in gaming history, but it’s also refreshing to see something brand new become an instant giant in the gaming community. Although Ubisoft are one of the big name developers, it was still quite a task to create a brand-new franchise that would be successful enough to rival the games that have been on top of the charts for years.

Ubisoft plan to release DLC throughout the rest of this year, which includes smaller packs like outfits etc, and also more in depth content packs that will include missions. No details have been released about what will be featured in future content, but it will surely lead to even more success for The Division.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.