The Division DLC

It’s been common knowledge for a while that The Division DLC packs would be available to Xbox One players first, but now it’s been confirmed that they will be available for 30 days before Playstation players have access. It’s still unclear when PC users will get access to the DLC.

There will be three expansion packs available to buy for The Division, which are Last Stand, Survival and Underground. There hasn’t been any specific details released by Ubisoft about what the DLC will include or when we can expect them to be released.

It’s become commonplace for either Xbox or Playstation to get early access rights with the big releases, notably PS4 players having early access to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 content, which previously would’ve been available to Xbox users first.

This is the second time Ubisoft have given Xbox One players early access to The Division, as the closed beta last month was also made available on Xbox earlier than it was on PS4 and PC. From the looks of things, it seems that The Division and Xbox One will continue this partnership, especially considering Xbox One will be released a Division bundle edition of their console.

The Division Open Beta

The new trailer for the open beta below has announced there will be a ‘beta only mission’. So I’m sold, well technically not sold because it’s free, but still majorly sold.

Also, you may want to note that The Division open beta is now available to pre-load and you’ll be able to play it from February 18th – 21st (Xbox One), and February 19th – 21st (PS4, PC). There’s nothing worse than counting down the time until you can play the beta, then realising you have to sit around and wait for it to load beforehand.

The Division will be released on March 8th for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.