Tag Heuer Connected: Is it as premium as it claims to be?

Somehow, we all knew it was bound to happen. Timeless timepieces have always been one of the most prominent display tool to exhibit social status — and since time and technology have found themselves intertwined over the past decades, the birth of ‘premium smartwatches’ has become inevitable.

The first among premium brands to come up with their very own modern day watch — Tag Heuer.

The company, although already established in the industry of timepieces for the past 155 years, is but a neophyte in the world of smart timepieces.

The company may know exactly what it’s doing when it comes to age-old traditional watches, but does it exhibit mastery in the art of smartwatches?

We’ve pondered the question of whether it does. And here is what we think:

Watch face

Just as it is in normal and traditional timepieces, perhaps the most important feature of any device designed to tell humans the time relies greatly on its face.

Or its display.

Unfortunately, this is where the Connected falls short. Compared to products that can be considered the closest to its rival, Tag Heuer’s first-ever modern day watch pales in comparison. The Connected’s dull, transflective LCD panel fails to give the device that ‘smartwatch feel’, but succeeds in keeping the display appear low-key and almost traditional.


In this category, users can rest assured that Tag Heuer does not disappoint. Made from grade II titanium, the Connected’s body is exceptionally lightweight at 52 grams. This quality material is what sets Tag Heuer’s watches apart from its competitors ; it ensures the timepieces’ durability and hardwearing capability.

Although the Connected’s case only comes in one material and color, the straps that come with this premium smartwatch give users a variety to choose from. The straps are made from vulcanized rubber, and comes in numerous colors that consumers can choose from.

It is important to note, however, that the strap that comes with the Tag Heuer Connected is proprietary, and users who wish to replace their smartwatches’ straps to something fancier will have to pay a Tag Heuer shop a visit.

Battery life

Another factor that gives users of Tag Heuer’s first-ever smartwatch that ‘premium’ feel is the fact that the device is equipped with a 410mAh battery — a feature that places the device way above most modern day smartwatches that possess the average 300mAh batteries.

The way the device utilizes this exceptional battery capability, however, is less than impressive.

According to its makers, the Connected can last for up to 25 hours during typical usage. This is way behind other leading smartwatches in the market — Samsung’s Gear S2 included.

Although the latter only runs on a mere 250mAh battery, the device’s battery life has been proven to last for about two to three days.

This significant difference between the Connected and other smartwatches may be attributed to the fact that this ‘premium’ watch keeps its screen on at all times — that is, unless its user decides to turn it off — as well as speculations that the powerful microchip it possesses drains most of its energy.


Another fact that makes the Connected one of the firsts : it is the first-ever smartwatch to use the Intel Atom processor. Equipped with 1.6GHz and 1GB of RAM, this premium smartwatch is full of promise.

Android Wear

The fact that the Tag Heuer Connected is only being powered by Android Wear may be a little disappointing to some — but considering the fact that Google’s wearable OS has made significant strides as of late should be comforting enough to those who prefer to wear premium products on their wrists.

Tag Heuer has managed to keep the Connected unique and way above its inexpensive counterparts by having successfully persuaded Google to allow the device to have its own UI skin.

Although Tag Heuer’s decision to utilize Android Wear as the Connected’s OS ensures that the device connects seamlessly with other devices — the fact that the OS is being used by every other smartwatch in the market somehow makes it appear common and less attractive.


Priced at US $1,500, the Tag Heuer Connected promises value for its worth. The world’s first-ever premium smartwatch has successfully struck the balance between classic and modern, luxurious and cheapish — and has the dollar value to prove it.