Suits Season 7: Is It Rachel Zane’s Last Season?

Suits Season 7 is officially happening, but producers of the show don’t seem to be in any rush at all.

Suits’ sixth season saw Mike Ross finally become a full-fledged, legitimate lawyer — which means the storyline that hung by the fact that Mike was a fraud is now officially gone.

With Mike’s expected return to Pearson Specter Litt in Suits Season 7, the possible conflicts that the show’s characters are supposed to deal with in its upcoming season has always been the subject of utmost curiosity.

Previous major crises in and around Pearson Specter Litt in the show’s past seasons have always been centered around Mike’s damning secret as a crooked lawyer.

Now that he has finally become a legitimate lawyer himself, the ability of the show’s writers to come up with just as compelling a conflict as Mike’s fraudulent predicament in the past will no doubt be under intense scrutiny.

Meanwhile, rumors that Suits actress Meghan Markle is poised to leave the show after Suits Season 7 started to make their rounds on the internet following several occasions wherein the 35-year-old was publicly seen with real-life beau Prince Harry of England — which many take as indicative of how serious the relationship has become.

Other rumors claim that Suits producers have been trying to keep Markle from leaving the show by giving her character, Rachel Zane, a bigger storyline in Suits Season 7.

Rachel and Mike are expected to finally tie the knot in the show’s forthcoming seventh season, but not without a dose of a conflict that’s typical of the show’s storyline, it seems.

Suits creator Aaron Korsch has previously said that the show going beyond Suits Season 7 is largely uncertain, though he also said that Suits actors are also willing to make the necessary adjustments should the need for an eight season ever come up.

Suits Season 7 is expected to premiere Summer of this year.