Is Suits Season 7 Happening?

Is Suits Season 7 really happening? That’s the question that many fans of the popular legal drama can’t help but ask as soon as the epic finale of its sixth season, entitled Character and Fitness, has ended.

Suits Season 6 concluded with Mike Ross finally fulfilling a lifelong dream that saw, not just his own, but the lives of those around him as well — caught in a frenzy of a crazy 6-year roller coaster ride.

After overcoming one after the other of the seemingly endless sets of impossible hurdles on the way to realizing dream, it finally come true — the former fraudulent lawyer is now a legitimate one.

The final stretch of the road that led to his becoming a lawyer, however, wasn’t one that would even remotely compare to the difficulties of the hurdles while he was on his way there — this time, there was far too much at stake.

This time, Harvey has put his entire career on the line, as the biggest hindrance that is Anita Gibbs did everything in her power to keep the man that she put behind bars to practice the very thing he was put behind in prison for.

In spite of all her tireless efforts, however, Gibbs was willing to reach a compromise — in exchange for Harvey’s head on a silver platter.

The room was filled with tension towards the end of the scene that featured Mike’s last shot at becoming a real lawyer, and as he prepared to throw his dream career away to save Harvey’s — an unexpected guest was just in time to save what could have been his saddest day.

It was Jessica.

Mike finally became a lawyer, and Harvey handed him a win-win offer.

This time, the ending felt like an ending — it no longer seemed like a start of a new beginning.

And so the inevitable question persists: Is Suits Season 7 happening?

Based on a recent interview with Deadline, Suits creator Aaron Korsch may have just confirmed Suits Season 7 is in fact happening, though details on any official confirmation of the series still seem to be lacking.