While everyone was celebrating Mike’s transition from being a fraud to becoming a full-fledged, now-legitimate lawyer in Suits’ finale for its sixth season, a change was somehow looming — and for Harvey, it might not necessarily be a good thing.

Suits Season 7 creator Aaron Korsch discussed in a previous interview with Deadline the possible transitions of the majority of the show’s characters in the upcoming season.

Suits Season 7: Donna to Leave Pearson Specter Litt?

According to Korsch, Suits Season 7 will be the season wherein everyone will be seen in some sort of transformation — with Harvey taking over Jessica’s office, Mike and Rachel being ‘new’ yet extremely experienced lawyers, Louis recovering from another heartbreak, and Donna wanting something ‘more’.

The past season of the show showed another side of Donna — who, for the duration of the entire series, seemed to have had her self-confidence solid and intact most of the time.

Donna’s experience with rejection in the past season has somehow snapped her out of her extremely confident bubble, and people were looking down on her due to her status as a ‘legal secretary’ has left her wanting more.

But what exactly did Donna mean by ‘more’?

While Donna’s love for Harvey has always been a given, it was mostly stashed away during the show’s past seasons.

In Suits Season 7, however, things might just be a little different.

It can be recalled that Donna was firm in saying that she “didn’t want the money” when she was offered the buyout for her and Benjamin’s prototype, ‘The Donna’. But Korsch cleared up what Donna may have meant when she said that.

In his interview with Deadline, Korsch was quoted as saying:

[So] it’s not that she didn’t want the money, it’s that rather than just the money, she wanted to be a business woman and maybe do more and accomplish more. I think she’s gotten a taste of that and that’s what she’s saying.

But is Donna ready to move on from being a legal secretary?

According to Korsch, the answer seems to be yes.

Yes, maybe she’s ready to move beyond being a legal secretary in addition to any other sort of relationship aspects of that conversation that are always going to be there with Harvey. So that’s going to play out in Season 7.

Suits Season 7 is expected to air Summer of this year.