Suits Season 6 Spoilers: The Impossible Hurdle That is Anita Gibbs

Towards the end of Suits Season 6’s fifteenth episode, Quid Pro Quo, everything seemed all set and well taken care of — and Mike was well on his way to becoming a lawyer.

But then Suits Season 6 spoilers say the worst is yet to come for Mike and Harvey, and ‘worst’, it appears, goes by a familiar name: Anita Gibbs.

The lawyer who put Mike behind bars for being a fraudulent lawyer vowed that she would do everything in her power to prevent Mike from practicing law ever again,and recent Suits Season 6 spoilers reveal that Anita will stay true to her word — by getting herself in the panel that determines Mike’s fate as a future lawyer.

Suits Season 6 spoilers say Harvey will have to make a life-changing choice towards the end of the show’s season finale, and Mike wouldn’t be too happy about that decision that he will have to make.

Will Harvey give up his career in order to give Mike his?

Will Things Still Turn In Mike’s Favor?

The latest Suits Season 6 spoilers reveal Mike and Harvey are in for a lot of trouble as they try to strong-arm their way into driving the stocks of Velocity Data Solutions down.

The show’s previous episode, entitled Admission of Guilt, previewed a looming problem in Mike’s quest to finally become a legitimate lawyer.

Suits Season 6 spoilers reveal, however, that the dead end that Mike and Harvey just ran into is just the tip of a very humongous iceberg of a problem that they would have to strong-arm their way out of as the fight starts to become bigger than just Mike getting into the bar.

Mike will seem discouraged at one point, but Suits Season 6 spoilers reveal that Mike might just finally become a real lawyer, but not until way into the show’s last episode for the season, entitled Character and Fitness.

Will Mike Finally Get His Law License?

The previous Suits Season 6 episode showed Harvey getting Mike an opportunity to finally become a real, legitimate lawyer— but not until they go after Velocity Data Solutions.

Suits Season 6 spoilers say that it’s going to be a rough road ahead for both Mike and Harvey, and getting that coveted law license of his will cost both Mike and Harvey a lot more than they imagined.

But will Mike finally become a lawyer?

Suits Season 6 spoilers hint the answer will be during the show’s last episode for the season.

Another Conflict in Pearson Specter Litt Looming?

The latest Suits Season 6 spoilers suggest another conflict may be looming at Pearson Specter Litt after Rachel receives a letter that might cause Harvey and Louis to hate each other once more.

Suits actor Gabriel Macht assured, however, that after Harvey’s recent reconciliation with his mother, the legendary corporate lawyer will no longer be acting out in anger — as he did most of the time during the show’s past seasons.

Mike, on the other hand, will still be enjoying his time at the legal clinic, but recent Suits Season 6 spoilers suggest he will be heading back to Pearson Specter Litt by the end of the season.

Will Mike Finally Become a Lawyer?

Amid the troubles hounding Pearson Specter Litt following Jessica’s departure, Harvey made it his life mission to get key individuals to support Mike — should the latter be given the chance to stand in front of the Character and Fitness Board as part of the requirements become an actual lawyer.

Harvey didn’t find success in his mission during the show’s previous episode, but it looks like this mission isn’t going to be over any time soon.

Will Mike finally be given the chance to become a real lawyer before the season ends?

Suits to End after Season 7?

The latest Suits Season 6 spoilers reveal that Harvey Specter is not going anywhere, and fans can rest assured that the show’s most popular lawyer will stay in the show until its seventh season.

What happens after the show’s seventh season, however, is an entirely different story.

While actor/producer Gabriel Macht has no plans of leaving the show whatsoever, series creator Aaron Korsch says the show has always been set to have seven seasons.

The question on whether or not the show will continue on to Suits Season 8 and beyond, however, still remains to be seen.

“I’ve always said that I think seven seasons would be the minimum that we would do, and then beyond that, we’ll see,” Korsch said during an interview.

He added, however, that the Suits team is amenable to any changes that the show’s future might bring.