From the team at ThinkGeek, a company that has taken up the mantle of enabling people to get in touch with their inner geek since 1999, comes a disturbance in the force – The Sith have tea!

If you are a Star Wars nut and let’s face it would you really be here if you weren’t?, prefer to fall in love with Darth Vader’s cool helmet all over again with the Star Wars Darth Vader Teapot Set.

Officially licenced, this is a ThinkGeek exclusive product and consists of a 20-ounce capacity Vader helmet-shaped teapot, two 6 ounce teacups with Darth’s chestplate design on them, two saucers with the chestplate and belt design and a 1 cup capacity sugar bowl that is just black.

Novelty items often have a tendency to be made from inferior materials. This ThinkGeek exclusive differs though as it has been fashioned out of hard-wearing and high-quality ceramics. Although this means that it can only be hand-washed and is not suitable for use in the microwave, we think the pros outweigh the cons and if you are looking for a quirky gift for the tea lover in your life who has a deep-rooted love for Star Wars; you’d have to search a galaxy far, far away for anything better!

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