Solarin: The price tag says it all.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

That’s normally the case. But for the FBI, the opposite seems to hold true.

Another type of Apple has been constantly giving the agency a headache — and the tug-of-war versus security and privacy looks like it’s not about to get better, and that it is far from over.

Especially now that an even more secure smartphone has already made its way to the market — and the FBI’s battle with Apple is starting to look like it’s only a small part of an even bigger war.

A company called Sirin Labs recently launched a smartphone called Solarin — and it comes with a $14,000 price tag.

The reason behind the outrageous amount on its price tag being that the smartphone is packed with extraordinary features that only extraordinary individuals would think of ever needing.

This luxurious smartphone is backed by a technology that only prestigious intelligence agencies have previously used, and a military-grade security that’s sure to make Apple look like a petty criminal in the FBI’s eyes.

The Solarin boasts of a “security shield” that provides extra encryption with a touch of a button.

This mobile phone also comes with an application that can be accessed remotely to track, lock, or even wipe Solarin’s data off completely.

Google alumni Tal Cohen co-founded Sirin Labs with two other unlikely partners: Moshe Hogeg, who is a venture capitalist from Israel, and Kenes Rakishev, a businessman from Kazakhstan.

According to Cohen, the idea is for Solarin to provide a much-needed secure form of communication for high-profile individuals such as corporate executives who appear to be constantly being targeted by hackers from all over the world.

In an interview with CNN, Cohen explained:

“Cyber-attacks are endemic across the globe. Just one attack can severely harm reputations and finances.”


Solarin runs on Android OS and features a fingerprint sensor, a 2K-resolution screen, a 23.8-megapixel camera, and 128 GB of internal memory.

It weighs about 250 grams — which is considered twice as heavy as your normal smartphone — and is comprised of about 2,500 components — or perhaps possibly even more.

Its technology was developed over the course of two years in two different countries: Israel and Sweden. As expected of a phone with its caliber, the Solarin can be used all over the globe.


Solarin is not the only smartphone out in the market today with high-profile security as its main selling point. The Blackphone, from Silent Circle, claims to be just as secure as this $14,000 phone — but is selling for a much lower price of $799.

Sirin Labs claims, however, that the Solarin’s high-end features and design make it the ‘better’ — and, inevitably — the more expensive choice.