Snapchat Memories is the feature you always wanted.

A new update for Snapchat finally includes a feature that many Snapchatters have long been wanting — and it’s called Memories.

This sleek new feature from Snap finally allows users to save Snaps that they don’t feel like posting just yet – and not on their devices, but on the app itself.

The company behind the consistently rising social media platform/messaging app also went out of its way to assure users that only the photos and stories that they choose to save on Memories will actually be saved on Memories, which resides on Snapchat’s very own servers. Snap users are assured that the photos saved on their camera roll are not saved or accessed in any way by the app itself.

Memories also includes a feature that’s meant to secure ‘private’ photos – which users may prefer to lock away from prying eyes. This feature allows Snapchatters to mark such photos or stories as ‘My Eyes Only’, and subsequently secure the files with a passcode of their choosing.

This new feature is seen as a big step away from where Snap has built itself on — which is assurance that the photos and stories shared on the app soon after disappear into thin air without a trace.

The feature, however, is especially useful to those who like to use the application as an alternative camera app, and would rather save the photos for posterity rather than post them to the stories immediately.

The reported rising number of older users on the platform should especially benefit from this new update, as many of them is presumed to be more concerned with memories rather than stories that they’re likely to never see again.

Although Snapchat is basically designed and meant to be a messaging application, the app has steadily enjoyed rising popularity over the years – mainly as a social media tool to many of its users.

Snapchat’s Memories is available for download through the app’s latest update for both iOS and Android devices.