Smash Bros. Will Get Fighters Corrin and Bayonetta, Plus More Next Month

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS should be seeing some new fighters very soon. The immensely popular Nintendo fighter announced last month that two new characters would be added to the already massive roster.

The first character, Corrin, is a swordfighter who hails from Fire Emblem: Fates. What separates Corrin from other fighters is their ability to transform into a dragon. Most of Corrin’s moves will enable them to change part of their body, such as their arm or head, into part of a dragon. Corrin is also to turn their sword into a chainsaw of sorts during some moves.

Much like fellow Fire Emblem character Robin, Corrin is playable in both a male and female form. The effects of choosing male or female are purely cosmetic and will not affect gameplay. Fire Emblem: Fates is not available outside of Japan yet, but it will be releasing in North America and Europe soon.

Along with Corrin, Smash Bros. is going to be receiving Bayonetta. Bayonetta is a demon who can use guns and summoning to fight her opponents. She is also able to temporarily slow down time, allowing her to easily combo her foes. This, along with her four guns in her hands and on her feet, will make her an interesting addition to Smash Bros.

Bayonetta and Corrin are also going to be released along with a new stage, Umbria Clock Tower. The stage is themed after the intro in Bayonetta, and it will have platforms that come and go during battle. Also to be released are new Mii costumes.

Bayonetta and Corrin are confirmed to be the final characters added to the Smash Bros. roster. They will be available sometime in February.