Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers: Is Sherlock’s Sister Going to Be the End of John?

In Sherlock Season 4’s The Lying Detective, the ultimate shocker wasn’t Culverton Smith, who, everyone believes, is one of the toughest enemies Sherlock is ever going to face.

The real shocker that left everyone mystified is the fact that Sherlock apparently has a sister — and that she has been playing everyone all along.

Towards the end of the episode, she was seen shooting at John.

Question is, did she really shoot him, or is it just another of her stunts?

Will she finally come face to face with Sherlock in the show’s upcoming episode, The Final Problem?

Watch the show’s third and final episode for Season 4 on January 15th to find out.

Is She Really Dead?

After two long years of waiting, Sherlock finally went back on air with its fourth season, loaded with even more heart-stopping, mind-boggling and downright crazy adventures to keep the show’s fans entertained.

But Sherlock Season 4 spoilers hint that things are just about to get even better.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and the rest of the gang didn’t fail to deliver pure entertainment as fans were kept on the edge of their seats in what seemed to be nearly the entirety of the show during its first episode for Season 4.

Sherlock Season 4 premiered with a sad ending as its season premiere, entitled ‘The Six Thatchers’ presented an unexpected, heartbreaking story that starts off with what seems to be just a random, normally mysterious case that Sherlock was tasked to solve.

During that first episode, Cabinet Minister David Wellsbury received a Skype call from his son, Charles, while he was at his 50th birthday party.

Charles was in Tibet and his father didn’t make anything of the call until a week later, when a drunk driver accidentally drove straight into a car parked in David’s driveway.

The collision caused the parked car to explode, and it was later on discovered that David’s son, Charles, was inside the car — and that he had been dead for a week prior to that accident.

Sherlock initially came into a conclusion that Charles wanted to surprise David on his birthday, but suddenly suffered a seizure which might have led him to die instantly while he was still inside the car — only to be discovered a week later, by accident.

Something else caught his attention, however.

While conducting his investigation, he saw a table of Margaret Thatcher memorabilia, and quickly noticed that a plaster bust of Margaret was missing. David’s wife clarified that it was smashed by burglars.

But then Detective Lestrade finds another Thatcher bust — smashed, and with blood on it.

With the help of his hacker friend, Sherlock discovered that only six Thatcher busts were ever made, and subsequently exerted tremendous efforts to track down the only one remaining that was still in tact.

He discovered a masked burglar was about to steal that last remaining Thatcher bust.

And while Sherlock concluded that the masked burglar worked for Moriarty, it appears that things are far more complicated than he originally thought.

He finds a memory stick embedded with the acronyms A.G.R.A., which he realizes is identical to the one where all of Mary’s past secrets were kept, the same one that John previously destroyed.

Things were suddenly not as simple as they initially seemed.

To make the long story short, Mary inevitably became involved in the matter and details about her mercenary past were unexpectedly revealed.

As Sherlock came into conclusion that Mrs. Norberry was behind the betrayals that the masked burglar had ranted about, she opened fire at him and Mary jumped in front to take the bullet for Sherlock.

Mary died and John was bent on blaming Sherlock for her death.

But did she really die?

Sherlock later on receives a CD in the mail that said “Miss me?” written on it. And while everyone suggests that the video on the CD was pre-recorded by Mary, her death does still seem a little suspicious.

Sherlock Season 4 spoilers suggest, however, that during the second episode of the season, the show will be more focused on Sherlock meeting “the most dangerous and the most despicable human being” he’s ever met — Culverton Smith.

And while the episode features Sherlock’s encounter with one of his toughest enemies by far, Sherlock Season 4 spoilers say the episode, which is loosely based on one of Doyle’s short story, entitled The Adventure of the Dying Detective, will also feature Sherlock trying to get John to come back by faking an illness.

Sherlock Season 4’sThe Lying Detective is scheduled to air January 8, 2017.