Scream Queens Season 2 Spoilers: Is Scream Queens Season 3 Happening?

Scream Queens Season 2 didn’t end with an unlikely ending without bringing fans to edge of their seats — with Hester running away with her unlikely lover, Zayday and Chanel No. 5 running the hospital, and Chanel hosting Lovin’ the C.

But is Scream Queens Season 3 even happening?

While rumors suggest that the continuing plunge of the show’s rating is indicative that it’s unlikely for Scream Queens to be renewed for a third season — the ending of the show that featured the Red Devil inside Chanel’s car might be the perfect scene to stage a possible sequel.

The producers of the show are yet to comment on the matter, but the fact that the show’s main characters have already gone their separate ways during the show’s ending suggests that even if the show did continue on to Season 3, the probability that the show will focus on the same group of characters is getting more and more unlikely.

Is Chanel Headed for an Exit?

Recent Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers has gotten fans worried as some news suggest that Emma Robert’s character, Chanel, might just be headed for the door in the show’s upcoming season finale.

While the producers of the show are yet to give any confirmation of the saddening news, Roberts’ recent hair transformation has gotten people talking that Chanel might be no more if and when the show’s third season comes up.

Meanwhile, Chad Radwell is expected to make a comeback in the upcoming episode of the show — although it’s still unclear whether he’d be coming back through a flashback, as a ghost, or his own living self.

Who Gets to Kill the Chanels?

The latest Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers reveal that Hester and the Green Meanies will convene in order to tackle one important matter: Who gets to kill the Chanels?

Despite being so blunt about how she wants to be the one who puts the Chanels to death in the past, Mrs. Bean’s sister, Nurse Hoffel, seems to have decided to keep her silence when Hester raised what is obviously the most exciting question of all for the Green Meanies.

In Season 1, it was shown that Mrs. Bean’s face was burnt by Chanel in her failed attempt at a “show of force” to scare the Chanel-wannabes. Nurse Hoffel has always been vocal about how she wants payback for what Chanel has done to her sister.

Wes, on the other hand, was so excited about the thought of getting the ‘opportunity’ to kill the Chanels, whom he blames for what happened to his daughter, Grace.

But will Nurse Hoffel let this chance pass?

Meanwhile, the Chanels will be excited about a visit from Dr. Scarlett Lovin. What will her visit bring to the people in C.U.R.E.?

Man from Dean Munsch’s Past Returns in ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel’

The latest Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers reveal that someone from Dean Munsch’s past will try to win her back by having himself admitted at the C.U.R.E. Institute.

Reports say this new development will make Brock even more jealous, leading him to further question what he has with Chanel.

Chamberlain and Zayday, on the other hand, will make a shocking discovery after devising a plan to trace the roots of the Green Meanie killer.

Is Zayday going to die in the upcoming Scream Queens’ “Rapunzel, Rapunzel” episode? Tune in to the show to find out.

Nurse Hoffel Plots to Kill Zayday?

The latest Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers suggest that Nurse Hoffel is plotting to kill someone in the forthcoming episodes of the show.

But the big question right now is: who will it be?

According to reports, Nurse Hoffel is plotting with “fellow Green Meanie” Dr. Cassidy Cascade to kill someone who is supposedly an ex-president of the Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority.

Is it Chanel that they’re planning to kill?

In the past, Nurse Hoffel specifically told Dr. Cassidy that the Chanels are off limits, therefore making it unlikely for Chanel to be that someone whom Nurse Hoffel is planning to kill — or at least for now.

Zayday, on the other hand, seems to be too determined to unravel the mystery behind the Green Meanie — thus making her someone whom Nurse Hoffel might be likely intent on killing.

Find out who’s next to die in the upcoming Scream Queens Season 2 episode.

Chanel Recruits Patients to Add to Her Army of Chanels

The latest Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers reveal that Dean Munsch will proceed with her planned Halloween-themed party, and that her decision to get Hester out of prison will backfire in the worst possible way imaginable.

Meanwhile, after Munsch was forced to inform authorities of the recent killings that happened in C.U.R.E., the institution suddenly had an influx of patients.

Chanel takes this opportunity to recruit patients to join her Chanel army, which she thinks is exactly what she needs to do considering the situation at hand.

A new patient’s condition, however, will cause everyone in the hotel staff to lose their minds.

Dr. Holt’s Serial Killer Right Hand Will Have to Perform a Surgery

Dr. Holt’s serial killer right hand has become more and more out of control lately.

But while he’s struggling to keep his hand in control, Dean Munsch comes asking him to perform a ‘risky’ surgery — as if his serial killer right hand isn’t risky enough while it’s not performing surgery!

Apparently, Dean Munsch is trying to get the C.U.R.E. Institute some good press in light of recent, murderous events — and having Dr. Holt perform an extraordinary surgery seems like something that would do the trick.

But how will the surgery go, knowing that Dr. Holt has no control over his serial killer right hand?

It looks like things are about to get even more bloody. Let’s all tune in to see what happens next.

Is Nurse Hoffel the Green Meanie?

Recent Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers reveal that Nurse Hoffel might just be the feared new serial killer roaming about the halls of C.U.R.E..

According to spoilers, Nurse Hoffel’s sinister moves like spying on people, as well as her subtle opposition to Chanel are indicative that she might be capable of doing criminal activities around C.U.R.E., possibly under the guise of the Green Meanie.

Meanwhile, Dean Munsch might be forced to tell the authorities about the murders that happened in the C.U.R.E., despite the fact that doing so might result to the hospital being closed down — thus throwing out the chance for her to find a cure for the fatal and rare brain disease called Kuru disorder.

But Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers say Dean Munsch’s revelation about the killings that happened in C.U.R.E. will not force the hospital to shut down — in fact, it’ll bring in more patients.

As to how that is even possible — guess we’d all have to tune in to find out.