Drew Barrymore (previously appearing in E.T and Fifty First Dates) stars in the new Netflix original zom-com. Santa Clarita Diet falls under the horror-comedy genre, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone of us given the number of horror shows that aired in January, with a fair sum of comedies to keep our emotions at a balance. Rather kind of Netflix to be this considerate, don’t you think? The best of both worlds for comedy and horror fans served on a platter. Speaking of platters, let’s get into the diet preference in Santa Clarita. Check out the trailer below.


The Need to Feed

Drew’s character, Sheila Hammond, enjoys her meal alive and in a human state! She wasn’t always this way. In the series. Sheila and her husband are real estate agents. They have a daughter they are raising, and things seem normal. Until Sheila turns into a zombie, and begins to feed on people. Her husband – a very supportive man – helps her clean up the evidence left behind. This goes well for the married couple, until their daughter finds out about what has been happening. That’s where the drama reportedly begins. The series cast members are:

Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond
Liv Hewson as Abby Hammond (Daughter of Sheila and Joel)
Ricardo Chavira as the Hammond’s neighbor
Skyler Gisondo as Eric Bemis (A family friend)
Richard T. Jones as Rick
Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Lisa
Nathan Fillian as Gary
Natalie Morales as Anne

The series is not your typical zombie story. As gruesome as eating flesh sounds, Santa Clarita Diet’s humorous effect gives us a different perspective. The series is reported to be a single camera series with 10 episodes.

The Production Team

A lot of heads came together in the production of this show. The series was created by Victor Fresco and has seven executive producers, Fresco included! The co-executive producers are:

Drew Barrymore (starring in the series)
Timothy Olyphant (starring in the series)
Aaron Kaplin
Tracy Katsky
Chris Miller
Ember Truesdell

The Netflix original is a production of Kapitol Entertainment, KatCo and Flower Films. The release date is set for February 3rd, 2017.

Join the California couple as they go through life trying to keep their secret exactly that – a secret! We can’t think of a better way to start a new month, and with Santa Clarita presented to you, you don’t have to! You might learn a thing or two about supporting loved ones in the month of love – in the best zombie telling way of course!