Samuel L. Jackson is a famous American actor and film producer and is well-known for his roles in the popular Quinton Tarantino movies such as ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Jackie Brown’, ‘Django Unchained’ and ‘The Hateful Eight’. Samuel L. Jackson is currently 67 years old and has featured in more than 100 different movies throughout his successful acting career. Samuel L. Jackson has also featured in other blockbuster films such as ‘Snakes on a Plane’, ‘The 51st State’, ‘Shaft’, ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’. Samuel L. Jackson was born in Washington D.C in the United States and grew up in Tennessee. Samuel L. Jackson’s father was an alcoholic who he only met two times during his life, and he was raised by his mother and grandparents. Samuel L. Jackson is said to be featuring in the new Hollywood films entitled ‘Kong: Skull Island’, ‘Unicorn Store’ and will also play the role of ‘Sho’nuff’ in the new ‘Afro-Samurai’ film which will be a remake of the ‘The Last Dragon’ film. Although these are well-known facts about Samuel L. Jackson, here are interesting facts you may not know about Samuel L. Jackson:

Samuel L. Jackson Dislikes the Oscar Season and Recently Ridiculed Other Films

Samuel L. Jackson has admitted that he dislikes the time of year when the Oscar’s come around. He claims to dislike the strange politics that arise in Hollywood during this time of the year and even went as far as to ridicule some of the latest films who will be nominated for an Oscar award. Samuel L. Jackson openly claimed that he is not a fan of the film ‘Manchester by the Sea’ starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams. Samuel L. Jackson also stated that he found the new film starring Will Smith ‘Collateral Beauty’ to be rather boring.

He Only Made it Big After His 30th Film

Samuel L. Jackson is one of Hollywood’s most active actors having featured in more than 100 films to date. Samuel L. Jackson’s big break onto the Hollywood scene only came after his role in the hit Quinton Tarantino film ‘Pulp Fiction’. ‘Pulp Fiction’ was the 30th film that Samuel L. Jackson had featured in and he was not very well-known before the release of the film.

Samuel L. Jackson Was the Only Actor in Stars Wars to Have a Purple Lightsaber

In the movie ‘Star Wars’; Samuel L. Jackson’s character is the only character with a purple lightsaber. According to George Lucas, lightsabers are not made in purple, but Samuel L. Jackson insisted that he have a purple lightsaber.

He’s a Smart and Talented Man

Before Samuel L. Jackson became a famous Hollywood actor; he studied marine biology and architecture in college. He also played the French horn and the trumpet during his years at the school.

Samuel L. Jackson Net Worth

Samuel L. Jackson has a net worth of around $150 Million.

VIA: Moviefone