Samsung not only makes great phones and tablets, it makes amazing home appliances too. Today, Samsung announced its innovative and intelligent smart fridge.

This is easily the most hi-tech refrigerator that exists today. Once a simple box that we used for keeping food and drink cold, and perishables from perishing; the fridge has today become so smart that it has its own web browser and communicates with your smartphone, giving you information on what’s happening inside.

Samsung’s washing machines, clothes dryers and 4K televisions take pride of place in people’s homes. But the Family Hub fridge without doubt is superior to them all, with its Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Touchscreen.

This is not the first time Samsung tried to make a smart fridge. But the first attempt a couple of years ago was not impressive.

But the Family Hub Refrigerator offers more practical uses than gimmicks.

Nobody can explain this better than the proud manufacturer, Samsung:

“Enhanced by a 21.5 inch LCD touchscreen which serves as the refrigerator’s digital command center, and seamlessly connects to your smartphone, the Family Hub is a significant advancement in home appliance functionality and design. Whether sharing family calendars, photos and notes; viewing the inside of the fridge with your smartphone while grocery shopping; or accessing your favorite music or television content, Family Hub enriches family life in practical and empowering ways.”

Samsung states that the Family Hub features a series of smart and intuitive features that make managing and organizing food more efficient and easier.

Samsung Smart Fridge Touch Screen

On the right door, there is a 21.5-inch, 1080p touch screen that’s powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Smart Fridges
Family Hub Fridge Touch Screen

The touch screen allows you to share notes, calendar reminders, photos or art with family. Since it’s a big screen with a built-in speaker, you can even use it as a TV.

The refrigerator is also said to work with the voice assistant, Alexa.

Cameras Inside the Fridge

This smart fridge has three tiny cameras inside that capture images of the inside whenever the fridge doors close. We have all faced the predicament of not knowing what is in the fridge and how much of a particular food is remaining.

The images taken by these cameras help you view the inside of your fridge using your smartphone, when you’re out shopping at the grocers.

Food Management Apps

Samsung Smart Fridge
Samsung Smart Fridge Expiration Date Labels

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge Design

The smart fridge is a four-door model, with the top two doors for refrigeration and the bottom two for freezing. If you want more refrigeration capacity and less freezing space, you can use Samsung’s FlexZone feature to switch between refrigeration and freezing based on your requirement.

With a starting price tag of $5,799, consumers who see value in this smart fridge will be those who love hi-tech gadgets and have money burning a hole in their pockets.

This Samsung Smart Fridge will become available this spring. It will come in both full depth and counter depth models, in stainless steel and a fancy black stainless design options.

Would you like to own a fridge trying to be all things to everyone? Let us know what you think of Samsung’s new smart fridge.