Just a few days ago we talked about the new set of features and apps that Samsung will offer with the Galaxy S8. One of the features even teased the design of the upcoming flagship phone. Yes, that is the Samsung secure folder app, an application that should vastly improve the privacy of your phone. Now, the company made the app available for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge as well.

What is the app?

The Samsung secure folder app uses the “defense-grade” Know security platform. Thanks to the platform, the app can create private and encrypted space for users. You can use this space to store apps, images, documents, and every other data you can think. It is your private and personal content. Think of it as “private mode” on Android, but you can activate it quicker.

Every bit of data that makes its way to the secure folder is stored separately on the device. You also need an additional layer of security and encryption. But the biggest advantage is that the folder protects your data from malicious attacks.

For example, if you want to keep your banking information safe, the app can help you. This way, you can give your phone to friends and colleagues without worrying they will find out some sensible information. With the risk of sounding foolish, you can also store your sensible pictures and videos.

You can move content to the Samsung secure folder app by choosing “move” from native apps like Gallery, Contacts, and My Files. You can customize the app by changing icon and name. You can use patterns, fingerprint, passcode, or PIN for an additional layer of authentication and protection for the folder.

Will your phone get it?

In case you’ve forgotten, the secure folder app actually made its debut on Galaxy Note 7. Samsung also included into the some Galaxy A models. But the catch is that you have to have the latest Android 7.0 Nougat software to run the app.

That being said, all Samsung models with Nougat will probably get the app in the near future. We can assume that Korean company wants to wait for the official release of the Galaxy S8 first. But if you have a phone running on Nougat, you can go to the Galaxy App store and get your Samsung secure folder app.