According to analysts, the curved-screen may not be enough for Samsung to drive up the demand for its flagship Samsung Galaxy S8. The rumor mills say that both the 5.7” and 6.2” versions of the Galaxy S8, expected to be launched during spring 2017 might feature the dual curved screens, which means, little bezel and lots of screen. But, the financial analysts in Korea do not appear to be impressed and instead feel that the absence of a flat screen or the finger maneuverability would really not attract customers to the levels expected by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – dual edge screens not enough

The analysts hold that the dual-edge screens are not in the high demand category since some people are still finding this inconvenient since they tend to touch the sides of these smartphones by mistake. They also opine that in comparison to televisions the bezel-less display is not a huge factor for a portable device like the smartphones. Samsung may perhaps introduce foldable smartphones to improve the efficiency of usage.

Designs will hold the key

Not surprisingly, the catch here may not be the cross between utility and dexterity, but all bout attractive designs and phone makers sink significant amount of money in refining it. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also reckoned as a comeback phone for the Korean giant as it is also offering deep discounts for customers who originally bought the Note 7 and faced a total recall.

Apple leads in designs

Apple’s iPhones may be the front runner in more ways than one when it comes to competition in the smartphone space. The design of Apple’s products though somewhat too familiar now continues to so striking and Android vendors of nearly every description have copied these designs, in part at least. In fact, Google and HTC have copied some of the iPhone designs with such dexterity that it is difficult for the naked eye to differentiate between the original and the copy. But, Apple’s dominance is not limited to design alone. The performance of iPhone7 and iPhone plus with its significantly smoother user experience and the 3rd party app ecosystem that supports it is beyond compare for now, in the least.

Even Apple has competition

In spite of its pre-eminent position, Apple is not sweeping the board and some of Apple’s rivals hold the edge, at least in some areas and particularly so, Samsung. If some of the latest rumors are to be believed, Samsung will continue to maintain the lead in the coming year too, at least in one of the key areas. And, screen resolution is one such area where Samsung is not only in the forefront, but would also work towards widening its lead in this space. Samsung Galaxy S8 might define this position further.