Robert Downing Jr is a 51-year-old actor who was born in Manhattan, New York in the United States. Robert Downing Jr is famous for his role in Hollywood films such as Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes and Due Date. Robert Downing Jr had a rather bumpy start to his career as he struggled with various drug addictions including cocaine and heroin. Robert Downing Jr was arrested on multiple occasions regarding the possession of drugs and also went through numerous drug treatment programs. In the year 1997, Robert Downing Jr even spent 6 months in jail after an incident where he was arrested with drugs and an unloaded handgun. Robert Downing Jr also spent almost one year in a treatment facility for substance abuse in California as well as in a state prison in Corcoran, California around the year 1999. Many people know about Robert Downing Jr’s rocky past as he has openly spoken about it to many news reporters and tabloids.

Here are interesting facts you may not know about Robert Downing Jr.

Robert Downing Jr Has Been Confirmed to Remain Iron Man By the President of Marvel Studios

There have been many rumors surrounding the upcoming Iron Man 4 movie and whether or not Robert Downing Jr will still remain cast as Iron Man. There have been rumors that the Iron Man 4 movie will no longer include Robert Downing Jr but will cast Riri Williams instead. The president of Marvel Studios has recently reported that no changes have been made and that Robert Downing Jr should still remain cast as the lead role in Iron Man 4. There is no talk about when we can expect to see Iron Man 4 hitting the big screen, but we can expect to see Robert Downing Jr in the new films ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘The Avengers: Infinity War’.

He Also Loves to Sing

Robert Downing Jr is a talented man and is not only a gifted actor but also has a talent for singing. He released a solo album, which was called ‘The Futurist’ and featured influences from pop, jazz and classical music. He also sang many times when he was acting on the popular show ‘Ally McBeal’ and even featured on the ‘Ally McBeal Christmas Album’.

Robert Downing Jr’s Relationship With Sarah Jessica Parker Ended Due to Drugs

Robert Downing Jr once had a long-term relationship with the famous actress Sarah Jessica Parker. The couple started dating around 1984 and remained together for 8 years. Robert Downing Jr reported that Sarah Jessica Parker tried to help him with his drug addiction, but eventually the relationship ended due to Robert Downing Jr’s battle with drugs.

He Left School at 17

Robert Downing Jr left school at the age of 17 in order to follow his passion for acting. Some of his first jobs involved being a waiter at a restaurant and working in a shoe store.

Robert Downing Jr Net Worth

Robert Downing Jr has a net worth of around $180 Million.

VIA: Wikipedia