Riverdale Spoilers: Still No Jason Blossom Killer Revelation?

Already several episodes into the show’s first season and yet it looks like the mystery behind the Riverdale’s first scene ever still remains unsolved: Who killed Jason Blossom?

As Jughead and Betty try to take matters into their own hands, Riverdale spoilers say they still won’t find any luck trying to uncover who killed the person they never really liked anyway: Jason Blossom.

All their efforts aren’t going to be in vain, however.

Riverdale spoilers say Jughead and Betty’s latest efforts to unravel the mystery that is the death of Jason Blossom will get them somewhere, or rather, someone — Polly.

But was it really Betty’s dad who had something to do with the death of Jason?

The latest Riverdale spoilers say this, could also be a possibility.

A Betty and Jughead Love Affair?

Recent Riverdale spoilers suggest that there just might be a looming love affair between Betty and Jughead in the upcoming episodes of Riverdale’s first season.

The previous episode of the show has shown Ms. Grundy leaving town in a bid to elude problems stemming from the revelation of her forbidden love affair with Archie — and while Archie seemed to have been left scarred by that incident from the previous night, he now seems ready to forgive Betty.

And now that Ms. Grundy is out of the way, all should be well between Betty and Archie, right?

Possibly so.

But then the latest Riverdale spoilers say Betty and Jughead might be too busy to even bother about what Archie is up to these days.

Who Killed Jason Blossom?

Though the first two episodes of the show may have hinted that Ms. Grundy is shady and that she might have something to do with Jason Blossom’s death, recent Riverdale spoilers suggest that things over at Riverdale may not be the way they seem exactly.

The show’s third episode, entitled Body Double, showed Betty getting in touch with her dark side as she staged vengeance for Reggie’s un-classy ‘slut-shaming’ of Veronica.

In that episode, Betty was seen putting on a different persona as she and Veronica tortured Reggie on camera.

Things escalated quickly as Betty seemed to have become so taken by the persona that she put on.

It later on seemed that the character she was channeling was her sister Polly — who appeared to have went through a tragic heartbreak due to her former relationship with the late Jason Blossom.

In that scene, Betty became so intensely caught up with the persona that she put on that Veronica had to snap her out of it.

While trailers for the show’s fourth episode, The Last Picture Show, may have shown Riverdale spoilers that hint scenes on Ms. Grundy’s real (and undeniably shady) identity being outed by no less than Betty — some Riverdale spoilers suggest it might be possible that Ms. Grundy wasn’t the killer herself.

Dilton Doyle was found to have fired the shot that everyone heard that fateful morning on the fourth of July, but it has been said that Jason Blossom didn’t die until more than a week later.

Some Riverdale spoilers hint that Betty will accuse Ms. Grundy of killing Jason Blossom due to that identity of hers that has just been discovered, but others hint Ms. Grundy couldn’t possibly be Jason Blossom’s killer.

Considering Betty’s creepy tendency to channel someone else however, could it be possible that she’s actually the killer?

Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4: The Last Picture Show airs February 16, 2017.