Riverdale Spoilers: Archie Vs. The Southside Serpents

Riverdale isn’t expected to return on air until later this month, but recent Riverdale spoilers hint that the show’s next episode, entitled Outsiders, is going to be well worth the wait.

According to the latest Riverdale spoilers, Outsiders is an episode where fans get to see that often hidden side of Archie, who’s most notable for his soft-spoken, mild-mannered character.

Fred Andrews will find his business in trouble after losing his entire construction crew, and Archie will try to help his old man out by enlisting help from his Riverdale football friends — but something unexpected is going to happen..

The latest Riverdale spoilers say the life of one of Archie’s buddies will be put in peril while working in the construction site due to an attack that may have been carried out by someone whose identity is yet to be known.

In his attempt to help fellow Riverdale High football jock Moose Mason, who seemed to have been the unfortunate victim of the attack,, Archie will find himself on the wrong side of the Riverdale fence, recent Riverdale spoilers have revealed.

Archie, together with his friends, will set foot in a Southside Serpent territory, and not only will they realize that they’re in the wrong side of Riverdale, they will also find their combat skills being put to test.

While some Riverdale spoilers suggest that Archie will find himself confronting Jughead’s father, FP — who seems to be either a serpent himself or has really good ties with them — others hint that Jug’s father might just be Archie’s and his friends’ saving grace.

FP now seems to be one of the suspects to Jason Blossom’s still unresolved death, mainly because of his ties with the Southside Serpents.

Meanwhile, Betty and Veronica team up to throw Polly a baby shower — an idea that didn’t seem so bad at all until Jason’s and Polly’s mothers crash the party to fight each other.

Riverdale Episode 8, Outsiders is scheduled to air March 30.