Riverdale Spoilers: Archie and Jughead Fight at Polly’s Baby Shower

The latest Riverdale Spoilers reveal that something painful is about to go down in Riverdale Episode 8: The Outsiders.

The previous episode of the show has shown some really intriguing clues that could possibly lead to the identity of the real murderer responsible for Jason Blossom’s death.

While previous Riverdale Spoilers have suggested that the big revelation on Jason’s murderer will be shown towards the end of the season, it looks like several more twists and turns are to be expected in the show’s forthcoming episodes.

Jughead’s father, FP, seems to be the latest suspect on Jason’s murder case, but the identity of the real murderer won’t be revealed until the show’s Season finale, the latest Riverdale Spoilers suggest.

Meanwhile, among the highlights of Riverdale Episode 8: The Outsiders include a scene wherein the normally mild-mannered and usually calm Archie is seen storming Polly’s baby shower in what seems to be a heated confrontation with Jughead regarding the latter’s father.

Riverdale Spoilers say one of Archie’s football friends will fall victim to an attack that will initially be traced back to the Southside Serpents, with whom Jughead’s dad, FP, is deeply associated, apparently.

Archie’s discovery of FP’s association with the Southside Serpents won’t sit well with the young Andrews, who himself moved heaven and earth to help Jughead and his family get back on their feet.

Jughead, on the other hand, seems to be at a tipping point, after he himself was arrested on suspicion of Jason’s murder — while his very own dad was nowhere to be found.

But how will Betty react to all of these?

Betty has always loved Archie, and hasn’t even considered being with someone else until just recently.

Will she take Archie’s side on this? Or will will she stand by her new beau?

Riverdale Episode 8: The Outsiders is scheduled to air March 30th.