If you’ve started playing Fallout 4, you must have been annoyed by radiations that come up at places you’ve never expected. It’s frustrating sometimes!

Radiations are always present in all of the Fallout game series, but with Fallout 4, you don’t have a separate radiation level. You need to be quick enough to come across them and get rid of it so that you don’t pile up nuclear wastes that’ll add up more rads.

If you are fighting raiders and radscorpions, your available HP will surely be eaten up and if you want to get rid of it, all you need to do is cure it. Here’s how you can do so.

The best and the most efficient way to get of radiations in Fallout 4 is to use RadAway. You can gather these elixirs all over the wasteland or you can prepare these at a chemistry station as well. However, it can be difficult to prepare it as you need to collect a lot of ingredients which can be hard to find. You’ll require 2 Antiseptic, 3 Glowing Fungus, 1 Plastic, and 1 Purified Water to make it.

Even if you prepare the elixir from a chemistry station, one dose of RadAway will only cure 300 points, and if it’s high, you might not clear everything to get yourself out of it. You’ll need to take another dose and it really can be addictive while also can cause headaches and hair loss.

But there are ways for that too. If you want to get rid of the side effects of addiction or headache, you can go to a local doctor. You can find doctors in Diamond City or Goodneighbor. You’ll need to spend 40 caps and the doctors will cure your radiation poisoning completely.

But, is there a way to stop radiation before it actually starts?

Yes, there is.

You need to find RadX which will raise your radiation resistance…by a lot. Grab a couple before you move into a radiation zone and you should never have an infection.

You can also use Power Armors for the same. If you are moving to the Glowing Lake, don your Power Armor before you move in and you’ll get rid of it for once and for all.

Head over to the wasteland using any of these methods we’ve mentioned to get rid of radiations in Fallout 4 and you should be good.