Who else loved the 90’s? Granted, I can’t remember most of it, but I can remember what came of it. Just two decades prior to that, people became obsessed with disco and dance. It was the rage of the era, but music truly became defined in the 1980’s. Everything was oozing of creativity and originality, something you rarely see in today’s world where people are too afraid to let a guaranteed buck slip out of their hands. The 1990’s were a rather strange time. It was the birth of the internet and everything was about the future, including music and film. It all feels so ancient by today’s standards. Music was on the receiving end of that confused era as they mostly seemed to have a pretty robotic sound to them (save for the excessively deep love songs of the 90’s).

But with all the bad comes the good. Out of all the confusion, a few artists dared to offer something unique. One of those artists was Ricky Martin. He gained quite a lot of popularity back then for his refreshing happy-go-lucky style of Latin music. Not to mention that his music videos featured some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen on camera. He was a resounding success back when he sang a lot, but he seems to have quietened down a lot in the last decade. Who knows if he’ll ever get back to doing what he’s best known for? Time will tell on that one, but for now, here are 5 Interesting Facts About Ricky Martin You May Not Know:

Ricky Martin Had A Falling Out With His Father

He is a child of divorce (who isn’t, these days, really?) His dad once made him take sides between him and his mother. A hurt Ricky then refused to speak to his dad for about a decade, but luckily they managed to resolve things and are on speaking terms once more.

He Got Into Menudo After Three Tries

At the age of 12, he attempted to join the Puerto Rican band Menudo, but he was rejected twice because they felt he was too short in comparison to the others. However after the third try, he impressed them so much that they decided to accept him.

He Was On General Hospital

He wanted to try his hand at acting and was cast in the daytime soap opera “General Hospital” in 1995. He gained a lot of popularity for his role.

He Launched An Online Community Called Piccolo Universe

Ricky Martin must be a fan of “Dragon Ball” as he named his online community after the popular Dragon Ball character. It’s all about people’s struggles raising their kids. And boy, did Piccolo have a hard time raising Gohan.

Ricky Martin Net Worth

Ricky Martin Net Worth is estimated at $60 Million

VIA: UselessDaily