Ree Drummond, also known as ‘Ann Mari Smith’ is a writer and celebrity chef who was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she started her blogging career back in 2006 on the topics of home-schooling, and detailed recipes showing the entire process from preparation to cooking. She has published several best-selling books, and she is the proud owner of the famous blog: Her net worth is $8 million dollars. Here are 3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Pioneer Woman (maybe):

1.) Fantasy Football

It was revealed in a photo shoot on the ranch that the Drummond family are crazy about Fantasy Football, from Todd, to then sixteen-year-old Alex and father Ladd Drummond. Ree said: “If it weren’t for fantasy football, I don’t know what we’d talk about,”

2.) Drummonds family enjoy a life far away from traffic and the hustle-bustle of the city life

Drummonds family enjoys living far away from the nearest town centre, out on the tall grass prairie, she said “There are no skyscrapers; there’s no traffic. That isn’t all life is, hustle-bustle,” – “For some people, it would drive them crazy, having the silence and the clear view. But for me, it’s what my soul needed.”

3.) Food Network kitchen isn’t actually in the ‘Drummond Ranch’

Ree’s family home is located few miles away from the lodge where they shoot their show, however, both houses are within the boundaries of the family’s ranch. The lodge where the show takes place was originally built back in the 1950s and it is where Ree’s husband was living when the couple met. There are no nearby hotels around the lodge, therefore, the Food Network team stays in the lodge during shooting.