Growing indoors, It’s no easy task for the do-it-yourselfer. And that new market that’s opening up and becoming legalized in more and more states? That’s right, cannabis. It can’t be grown outdoors since there are still negative stigmas associated with it, so all of cannabis must be grown indoors under grow lights. Finding the right bulbs to keep your plants happy and photosynthesizing can be a drawn out trial-and-error process, that’s why we’ve composed a one-stop shop for information on LED grow lights to help you out in your venture for producing the best quality indoor-grown plants.


Why LEDs?

LEDs are the top choice in grow lights because they produce more light per watt than HID or fluorescent lighting, don’t heat up to require fanning, and a majority of grow light brands and kits come with built-in thermal management systems anyway – so less chance of fires in your grow room. They’re energy efficient, saving you lots of money on your power bill. Not to mention they last years longer than HID and fluorescent lights, saving you money on replacements.


Any Differences in Growing LEDs?

There are actually several differences in LED grow lights when you search for different brands online via Amazon or Ebay. Obviously, price is going to be one of them, but here is a list of the reasons why prices can differ between brands:

Wattage – Whether you’re a cannabis or sage grower, you’ll need to figure out the right wattages you’ll need for your plants. Sometimes, the true power of a bulb can be debatable depending on the brand you’ve chosen.

Footprint – It’s critical to examine how much grow area your LED light can cover. This will determine how many you’ll need and how far to place them apart.

Spectrum – Some LEDs emit different colors/bands depending on model. Ensure you know what spectrums you’re after to ensure the best growth of your plants.

Lenses/Reflectors – It’s important that the light is being delivered to your plants resourcefully, and some brands use differing lenses and reflectors to do this.

Warranty – For every company, there will be a different warranty. Choose a brand with one that sounds fair to you.


Prices & Reviews

Unfortunately, LEDs are a tad more expensive than your average grow bulb – but they’re definitely worth every cent of the investment in the long run. Below is a list of some of the top sellers on eBay and Amazon. Amazon sells great LED lights for home growers that are only looking for smaller footprints, whereas eBay is great for growers that have larger grow houses or are searching for bulbs for their ‘growing’ industry.


Amazon LED Grow Lights

Top Shelf Premium 12W LED Grow Light – $29.97 – Over 105 five-star reviews make this bulb a top pick for indoor growers. Perfect for indoor herbs, fruits, and seedlings.

Teika E27 12W LED Grow Light – $58.52 – With 77 five-star reviews, this bulb is for plants grown in greenhouses and emits red and blue bands of lights.

Indigo 12W LED Grow Light – $23.14 – 40 five-star reviews have proven this to be a good bulb used for hydroponic greenhouses.

Esco Lite 30W LED Grow Light – $48.99 – Newer to the market, this bulb has 12 five-star reviews thus far and is for indoor growing, hydroponics, and are waterproof, making them safer than your average bulb.


eBay LED Grow Lights

MarsHydro 130W LED Grow Light – $68 – eBay Top Rated Plus – This is a full spectrum LED grow light with great reviews that works well with hydroponic plant growth. The high wattage and full spectrum make this bulb more expensive, but will cover a larger area/create a large footprint for serious growers.

PopularGrow 300W LED Grow Light – $73 – ebay Top Rated Plus – Another full spectrum LED panel grow light, the watts it emits will cover a wide area.

PopularGrow 300W LED Grow Light for Medical Plants top- $79 – ebay Top Rated Plus – This bulb is designed for anyone growing plants used for medicine. You’ll find a plethora of useful information on the panel if you follow the link, including diagrams regarding distance and light coverage.


LED Grow Kits

While you can find full LED grow kits on both Amazon and eBay, be sure to check they include all the necessary items you need as a grower. Some will come with nutrients, pots, growing instructions, grow tents, and a variety of other indoor growing tools based on brand and price. Popular brands that sell bulbs often offer kits as well. Check out a brand’s website then search for their items on Amazon or eBay for discounts.