Do you like the idea of taking to the river or seas, but don’t like the damage to the environment gas-guzzling speedboats and other motorized boats cause; the Q30 electric yacht might be just what you need. The hull has a hydrodynamic design and has been constructed with laminated glass fiber and has a glossy white finish.

Even though it can speed along at a maximum of 15 knots, you won’t really notice and neither will anyone else, thanks to the engine’s low sound operation. We think if you can picture a quiet meadow or some children whispering, you can imagine the 35 decibels that the engine on the Q30 electric motorboat.

The engine was designed and constructed by the experts at Oceanvolt who know a thing or two about energy-efficiency and high-performance motors. The manufacturers from Finland have created the AXC20 and provides the motorboat with 35 kW of power, which can be upgraded to 60 kW. You are actually presented with two different options when it comes to battery size, the 30kW lithium-ion battery runs constantly for 42 nautical miles, while the 60 kW option runs for up to 80 miles.

The Q30 can be operated and navigated either by the traditional switches or using an app via your iPad. The aim of the boat is for a pleasurable and leisurely way to enjoy the open seas, with a table on the deck that comfortably sits 4, seats at the boat’s helm for 2 people all on the deck. While internally there is a sleeping area, toilet, sink and a very up-to-date looking lounge.

Looking for a way to escape and get out on the open waters? Don’t miss out on this great electric motorboat.

Q30 Electric Motorboat