At $299, the New ASUS C301SA Chromebook is one of the most expensive chromebooks from the company

The new 13.3-inch ASUS C301SA Chromebook comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage in the base model, which is some of the best you’ll find in a device of this class and price.

This is a big move by ASUS. Most Chromebooks come with 16GB or 32GB of storage, and at a price that keeps users happy.

That worked fine until now, as Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system that runs web apps and doesn’t need too much storage space.

But with Google rolling out Android app support for Chromebooks, there is need for more storage. Right now you only get that in the high-priced models like the Google Chromebook Pixel.

The new ASUS C301SA Chromebook is an exception. With extra RAM and storage and at an affordable price, it comes all prepared for Google’s numerous Android apps and games.

ASUS C301SA Chromebook Specifications

However, other than the RAM and Storage, there is not much difference when compared to other Chromebooks.

Let’s take a look:

Although the ASUS C301SA is all set to support Google Play, we know that Google Play Support for existing Chromebooks isn’t due until late 2016 and early 2017.

We have no idea if newer models will fit into that schedule, but we presume they do.

ASUS C301SA Chromebook Pre-Orders

This new Chromebook with a large 13.3-inch display and 64GB of storage is currently available to pre-order online.

For now ASUS C301SA Chromebook pre-orders are available at B&H Photo for $299.00. Shipping is expected to begin August 21.