Polar A360 Review

If you’re on the lookout for the best fitness tracker, chances are, you’re already eyeing them based on two things: popularity and reputation.

It’s not the most popular fitness tracker, but it only has the best to offer

While people hoping to wear fitness trackers may either be looking for fitness trackers to A.) be trendy B.) have something reliable to track their fitness — and those who fall under the first category almost always don’t pay attention to what less popular brands have to offer, but rather on how much the popular ones cost so they could get their hands on them.

But if you’re one of those who fall under category B, chances are, you already know that the best ones aren’t always the most popular ones — and we’re here to help you give a less popular fitness tracker the closer look it deserves.

Polar A360 is a fitness tracker desperately eager to please users with what it has to offer. So desperate, in fact, that it comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

And that’s pretty impressive.

But that’s not everything that it has to offer.


Polar A360 was created in such a way that users will have a wide array of choices, not only based on their liking, but also based on their physiques. It comes in sizes small, medium, and large; and it comes in colors black, white and pink. If you want it in colors not included in the choices, you can simply shell out $24.95 and the colors green and blue are added to the mix of choices.

The Polar A360 is also lightweight. The small variant weights only 1.1 ounces, the medium one weighs 1.2 ounces, while the large variant is still lightweight at 1.3 ounces.

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The A360 is equipped with a 1.1″ 80 x 160 px colored OLED touch screen display, and it’s not half as bad except for some minor irritants such as the oversized logo that says Polar on the top part of the screen.

Other than that, the device is pretty much as attractive as attractive can be.


Most popular fitness trackers cost a lot of money even though they do not offer everything necessary for a fitness tracker. The A360, on the other hand, is everything that a fitness tracker should be — without the added damage to the consumers’ pockets.

The device is equipped with a heart rate monitor — a feature that seems to elude many popular fitness tracking device — and it promises a seamless heart rate-based training by allowing users to simply tighten the device’s band and turning on the training mode in order to start using the feature.

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A360 also comes with a feature that, when paired with Polar Smart Coaching, gives off the best possible guide for the best fitness results. With this feature, users can access their fitness levels on a daily basis, carefully plan their daily training, work out at just the right intensity, and get instant feedback on their progress with the help of the Polar Smart Coaching feature.

Activity Guide

The A360 comes with an Activity Guide feature that tells users how they’re doing so far in the day, and it also gives advice on what activities they can do to reach their goals for the day. Users can also opt not to follow the guide’s advice and choose for themselves how they want to reach their daily goal instead.

Activity Benefit

Need a pep talk? The A360’s activity benefit feature tells users about the benefits that come with what they’ve achieved so far — and this feature is available through the Polar Flow app.

Smart Calories

Just like any other normal fitness tracker, the A360 also calculates the number of calories that its user has so far burned during the day. These calculations are made based on the height, weight, age, and gender information of its user and is recorded through its app on a daily basis, and the user’s progress available to be viewed on the device itself anytime of the day.

Water Resistant

Another feature that the A360 has that makes it qualified to be called one of the best among other fitness trackers in its category is its WR30 water-resistant feature. This feature, although obviously necessary, is missing on many fitness trackers out in the market today.

Smart Notifications

While many (if not most) of the leading fitness trackers in the market today do have smart notifications feature, they’re unlikely to be as smart a feature as the A360’s smart notifications feature.

This device receives both audio and vibration notifications not only for phone calls and messages but for push notifications from social media apps as well. Users can also decide which notifications they’d like to be alerted on by simply changing the settings on the device itself.

They can even opt to turn off the alerts altogether if they feel like concentrating on their training instead.


Some fitness trackers may last a day or three without feeling the need for some recharging, but the Polar A360 can last a full two weeks before recharging is even needed.


The A360 may be not be the cheapest fitness tracker out in the market today, but the features it boasts of makes it one of the (if not the most) affordable fitness tracker in its category. You can actually have this extremely impressive smart fitness tracker for only $199.95.

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