Here is good news from team Pokémon Go for you! Have you been wondering where Monster Ditto has gone after the initial release? Niantic finally released Ditto into your most loved gamed game Pokémon Go earlier this week. But hey! There is more. Niantic also has a bunch of surprises getting ready for official release, in December for Pokémon Go fans.

New Features from the upcoming Pokémon Go update

Pokémon Go is going to be even more exciting with the new update up for release next month. The update shall introduce over 100 legendary as well as normal Pokémon. You can play on a dual between two Pokémon, do Pokémon trading and more. Rumors on the upcoming Pokémon Go update suggest that it will allow “player-versus-player battles, Pokémon trading and ability to raise your Pokémon.”

So players can fight other Pokémon trainers through the Player-versus-Player battle. You can also gain more economy and abilities by selling your stuff to other trainers. It looks like the Pokémon Update indeed has so much to make one get back to the Pokémon game during the holidays.

PokeVS update

PokeVS, the developers in association with the Pokémon Scanner found a code that shows the arrival of Ditto and 100 other Pokémon. The upcoming Pokémon Go update includes the legendary Mew and Mew Two Pokémon as well.

The Recent Halloween Event from Niantic

According to VentureBeat, the monsters will arrive via an update in December. Also, earlier in November, Niantic came-up with a Halloween event which made a number of players to jump back into the wild in search of Pokémon. So, you can see that the augmented reality game is going up the sales charts once again to the top.

The list of the 100 new Pokémon is as follows;

  1. Aipom
  2. Ampharos
  3. Ariados
  4. Azumarill
  5. Bayleef
  6. Bellossom
  7. Blissey
  8. Celebi
  9. Chikorita
  10. Chinchou
  11. Cleffa
  12. Corsola
  13. Crobat
  14. Croconaw
  15. Cyndaquil
  16. Delibird
  17. Donphan
  18. Dunsparce
  19. Elekid
  20. Entei
  21. Espeon
  22. Feraligatr
  23. Flaaffy
  24. Forretress
  25. Furret
  26. Girafarig
  27. Gligar
  28. Granbull
  29. Heracross
  30. Hitmontop
  31. Ho oh
  32. Hoothoot
  33. Hoppip
  34. Houndoom
  35. Houndour
  36. Igglybuff
  37. Jumpluff
  38. Kingdra
  39. Lanturn
  40. Larvitar
  41. Ledian
  42. Ledyba
  43. Lugia
  44. Magby
  45. Magcargo
  46. Mantine
  47. Mareep
  48. Marill
  49. Meganium
  50. Mew
  51. Mewtwo
  52. Miltank
  53. Misdreavus
  54. Murkrow
  55. Natu
  56. Noctowl
  57. Octillery
  58. Phanpy
  59. Pichu
  60. Piloswine
  61. Pineco
  62. Politoed
  63. Porygon2
  64. Pupitar
  65. Quagsire
  66. Quilava
  67. Qwilfish
  68. Raikou
  69. Remoraid
  70. Scizor
  71. Sentret
  72. Shuckle
  73. Skarmory
  74. Skiploom
  75. Slowking
  76. Slugma
  77. Smeargle
  78. Smoochum
  79. Sneasel
  80. Snubbull
  81. Spinarak
  82. Stantler
  83. Steelix
  84. Sudowoodo
  85. Suicune
  86. Sunflora
  87. Sunkern
  88. Swinub
  89. Teddiursa
  90. Togepi
  91. Togetic
  92. Totodile
  93. Typhlosion
  94. Tyranitar
  95. Tyrogue
  96. Umbreon
  97. Unown
  98. Ursaring
  99. Wobbuffet
  100. Wooper
  101. Xatu
  102. Yanma

After its first launch in July, the game has made a whopping revenue $600 million generating over 500 million downloads. Hence, once the Pokémon Update goes live, the 100 new Pokémon along with the already existing 150 or more is certainly going to be a big hit. Pack your bags to get ready for yet another phase of Wild Hunt!